Welcome to Gaelcon Unlocked!

Happening on the 28th to the 31st of October in the Ballsbridge Hotel, this event is not to be missed.

Online sales have now ended but day(€14) and weekend (€28) tickets will be available on the door.

“Ireland’s Premier Gaming Convention” is a weekend of tabletop games across 4 days brought to you by the Irish Games Association, a dedicated Committee and the huge contribution of a diverse team of Volunteers. These include Staff helping out on the weekend, Writers, GMs, Tournament Organisers, People running demos, and a host of other event Volunteers. All working in harmony to bring you one fantastic weekend.

This year is all about unlocking what’s inside. We are going to provide all the things that has made Gaelcon great in the past. A wide selection of games will be on offer: board games, card games, war games (and other miniature games,) role-playing games and LARPS. We also have special events, like our table quiz and the ever amazing charity auction. Combine that with a great social atmosphere, and an impressive selection of Traders and you can see that Gaelcon is already shaping up to be a quality convention.

We also want to do new fun stuff, without taking away from the core of the weekend. We are running achievements and puzzles. New events that should really make Gaelcon 28 something special.

I have been asked to give this year’s Gaelcon its stamp, its identity, its shape, and it’s a huge honour to do so. This year, we are going for a well run and organised convention, with a sense of wonder and fun. Of discovery and rediscovery, and connecting with new people and reconnecting with past comrades. We are unlocking our potential, so come along and join in. Discover what Gaelcon can be for you. From a dizzying first con, to a reunion of veterans, and everything in between.

There is always more to unlock, and Gaelcon, well, it’s the Key.

This would not be complete without a puzzle or achievement. So, in the two months before Gaelcon we are going to be running an Irish Gaming Scavenger Hunt. (Launched August 27th!) Our #spoilers first item, take a picture with You and a group of People wearing a rainbow of colours, post it on social media #GaelconUnlocked #ColourSpray

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