Volunteering – Why bother?

Volunteering – Why bother?So your all excited Gaelcon’s just around the corner. You’re planning which RPGs to play, which decks to bring, which figures to paint. Somewhere in all that plan think take a minute to think about volunteering at the con.

The 3 big excuses

1. It’s Gaelcon it’s running for over 20 years, they don’t need me.

That statement is Donald Trump levels of untrue. This convention is run by volunteers and the only way it happens is if people, people like you, help out. Sure there’s work involved but you get to help the convention happen, see old friends and make new ones. You get to be part of an amazing group of people who work hard and play hard. If being charitable for its own sake isn’t enough for you, we’ll throw in free attendance at the con, a snazzy free t-shirt and plenty of snacks. And you get the privilege of bowing to the will helping our awesome staff coordinator Ana. Email her (staff@gaelcon.com) if you want to volunteer or have any questions.

2. You are new to games and conventions and don’t feel you know enough about them.

The absolute best way to join a community and become a real member is to volunteer at events. It’s a great way to get to know people and get a taste for different kinds of gaming. I remember walking into my first convention not knowing where to go or what to sign up for. There were goths, nerds and cosplayers and it was the most amazing and terrifying thing I could have imagined. Thankfully someone in a brightly coloured t-shirt swung passed me said, grab this box and I was roped in to helping out. It’s been over a decade since then (I was very young at my first con) and I still volunteer and help run gaming events. Warning! Volunteering may be addictive. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s not enough sleep, too much sugar and being part of the weird and wonderful community we call gamers. You don’t need to know your 40K from your Firefly. You just need to give some of your time during the convention to help make it happen.

3. You have a life, you’re busy you don’t really have time to volunteer for anything.

That’s fair, we’re all pretty busy but being a volunteer at a convention is signing up to have fun. That said there are other ways you can help out rather than staffing the full convention. If you have GMing experience volunteer to GM by e-mailing rpgs@gaelcon.com. Run enough games and we’ll refund your membership.
You can also help the con a lot by letting people know about it. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter too it’s easy to share one of our updates or ugly puzzles.

Gaelcon is going to be great this year and think about how smug you’ll get to feel by knowing you were part of making it happen whether it’s letting some friends know about the con or staffing for the weekend.
My name is Rachel and I am a convention volunteer addict, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.