Irish Gaming Scavenger Hunt

It’s now two months before Gaelcon so we are launching our Irish Gaming Scavenger Hunt. We’re starting off easy with 12 Achievements that you will be able to unlock over the next few weeks. (Why 12 you ask? Well that’s what came up on the dice roll)

Some can be achieved straight away whereas some will have to wait. You’ll have to keep an eye on our social media for updates that may help you complete them. Please send all answers or queries to & make sure you use the #GaelconUnlocked & #GaelconScavenger hashtags when posting on your social media to be counted.

So we have three main types. Email is pretty obvious, you email Post Pics, put pics up on social media and use the hashtags so we can find them, and Status where you post a status or tweet or whatever and use the hashtags.

No   Name   Description
1   Colour Spray Be part of a group of people wearing a  Rainbow of Colour (Post Pics)
2   Gaelcon is the Key  Solve the cypher on the Gaelcon Flyer (Email)
3   Solo Game  Play a game of at least three people where everyone is  wearing a mask of the same face. (Post Pics)
4   Punned it Pundit!  Post a terrible/amazing gaming pun! (Status)
5   Your turn! Ugh  Stage playing a game with an inaminate object (Post Pics)
6   Hideous Hijinks  Solve 5 Ugly Puzzles (E-mail)
7   Get Hype  Post a favourite Gaelcon Memory, or thing you are Totes excited about at Gaelcon (Status)
8   Outta the House!  Playing a game outside – Bonus points for over the top poses (Post Pics)
9   Hidden Agenda  Preorder your Gaelcon ticket online (or already have entry from volunteering or similar) (Website)
10   Gaming is?  Post a picture on social media holding a sign about you and gaming (Status)
11   Argh!  You and at least two of your friends in a staged fight sequence (Post Pics)
12   Storytime   Post a story about a game that you love or loved (Status)