Card Games

We pride ourselves on having something for everyone at Gaelcon, and if you’re a true card-slinging, deck-shuffling, draft-picking maniac, we have plenty of fun in store for you! We’ll be running all sorts of events with the assistance of our partnered traders all weekend, for the hottest card games in Ireland.


Fearured Games will be Magic the Gathering (MTG), Final Fantasy TCG (FFTCG) and Legend of the Five Rings (L5R).


Here is our timetable of tournaments that will be taking place at Gaelcon this year.



MTG: Commander Tournament, 12.30pm, pods depending on turnout. €5
L5R: “Military Conflict” Tournament, 2pm, 4 rounds. €5


MTG: Commander Tournament, 2pm, pods depending on turnout. €5
FFTCG: Constructed Tournament, 12.30pm €5


L5R: “Political Conflict” Tournament, 12pm, 4 rounds. €5
FFTCG: Constructed Tournament, 2pm. €5
On top of our tournament lineup, we’ll be running both Magic: The Gathering and Final Fantasy TCG drafts with the help Gamers World Dublin all weekend long! Simply register your interest in the hall, and get ready to crack some packs. Prices will be available on the day.

Draft formats available:

Eternal Masters

Final Fantasy TCG:
Opus 3 + Opus 2