Tickets are Live!

Lightning hits the old tower, a deranged man in white shouts at electricity revives that which was dead moments before, he shouts “Tickets are alive!” 

Check out our shop. Con passes are up.

RPG and Larp tickets are live! Check out our sweet bundles! Currently some RPGs have a table limit, but we will open these up as we confirm additional GMs based on demand. While we will be monitoring the situation, If a product is out of stock, don’t hesitate to inform us at

Pathfinder will be up soon! Just finalising the time table with the great people at the Pathfinder Society Ireland.

Wargames are live! 40k and the Irish Guildball Championship are ready for players! Please ensure to contact the relevant person about your participation. Guildball is password protected and there is a player limit.

Passwords! You’ll notice that some games (Higher Powers – Returning Players, Guildball) are password protected. You can get these passwords by contacting the organisers directly, they should inform you once you have confirmed participation.

Special Events! Boardgame Passports.
Our special events will be up soon! We are really excited about the Dracula Dossier and Escape Room. We are also launching Boardgame Passports.

Basically you buy a boardgame passport for five euro and you can rent out boardgames all weekend. You can even keep them overnight. At the end of the con, you’ll have a list of all the boardgames you rented, which is both a valuable memory, but also hugely helpful when trying to remember what that great game on Monday Morning was.

So go on and get shopping!


Higher Powers tickets are back in the Store. Higher Powers Players will be contacted by the Higher Powers Team with instructions on how to purchase their tickets.