RPG & LARP Timetable & Blurbs


Friday 6pm-9pm

The Fingal Countdown
RPG GUBU by Nuge

We’re leaving Clonsilla, But still it’s Springhill,
And maybe we’ll come back, to Howth, who can tell?
I guess there’s no-one to blame for leaving Garristown (Garris-town)
Will things ever be Portrane?

it’s the Fingal Countdown (X 2)

We’re heading for Finglas, and still the Mun stands tall,
‘Cause maybe they’ve seen Rush, and passed through the Naul,
With all Malahide to go, And Blanchardstown (Blanch-ards-town)
I’m sure that we’ll all miss Lusk so!

It’s the Fingal Countdown (repeat for all eternity)

One last Garda Unit for the Bizarre and Unpraycedented game for somewhere between 1 and 8 players, now, by that Nuge fella.


The Old Guard
RPG by Paul Short
You were the best. Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, demons, you’ve hunted them all. And you won. You fought the good fight and earned your rest. But now a creature from your past has returned, and only one group of elderly monster-hunters can save the day. It’s time to take your pills and flex your hip-replacement, and get ready for one last fight.


High Tech, Low Life
LARP by Feargal Keenan
Welcome to Next Round. Please hold for Cybermetric Scans…status confirmed: Orphan. Neutral territory is in effect, any violence will be aggressively diffused. If you belong to the CONFIDENTIAL party here for REDACTED you may proceed. Please enjoy your secure NonCorp stay in the bar. Please take this coupon for a free augment lubrication at Janice’s Jalopy Joints as thanks for your custom. All Premium Synthanol Drinks are 12% off tonight only.



Friday 10pm-1am

Tomb Raid
RPG by James Lloyd-Jones
My great-great-grandma said once upon a time, our town had a protector – a master warrior left to watch over us when the Magi fell, until they too disappeared. Now invaders threaten to enslave us, and no sixguns or wrenches will be enough to fight them off. The old orbital defences are failing, it’s just a matter of time. So we’ve got to make one last gamble and search the Tomb, the ruins of Planetfall, and hope we can wake the Bandi to save us.


Implausible Deniability
RPG by Zawayix Falconer
Set in a future where resources are scarce, the players are forced to take on a suicide mission to steal R&D tech from the military. On their mission, they find out there may be more to the situation than they originally bargained for.


Zirconia Inc. Team-Building Event
LARP by Rowland Cooper
Internal Memo
To: All Departments
From: All Departments Team Building Weekend Organisational Team.
Subject: This weekends event!!!!

Hi everyone!!!!

Anna and Andrew here to remind you all about the Zirconia Inc. All employees are invited to compulsorily attend*. The buses leave on Friday evening at 6pm sharp!!!!

This weekend is all about fun, but it’s also about synergising our departments teams and our cross-departmental goals going forward. As well as FUN ACTIVITIES there will be workshops, team events, and Frank from HR will be giving his lecture on cross-department cooperation and how it can improve the companies upward revenue streams.

So come along, and always remember our WINNING TOGETHER corporate culture.

Anna and Andrew.
*failure to attend may result in a written warning, loss of bonus, or enrolment on a two week cooperation and teamwork course.




Saturday 10am-1pm

The Dead at Dahlfield
RPG by Feargal Keenan
Attention! Attention! This is Pridwen Order Channel 4 Priority Level Gold. All 4th Degree Knights on Duty are to report to Knight Captain Octavian for an emergency dispatch. An Ash Quarantine has been set up in Dahlfield due to a surge of undead from Saint Morwenna’s Graveyard. This is Code Six situation please arm yourselves accordingly.


My Hero Academia: Children and their Dolls
RPG by Paddy Roche
UA Students get their first real taste of the competitive world of heroes in the sports festival. A gruelling, soul crushing series of events that push the teens to their limits. It doesn’t help that it’s all under the judging gaze of Tokyo’s viewing public. Countless students give everything they have in front of everyone they know… and humiliatingly fail to measure up. The shock has even driven some to wash out of the hero course. Those hoping to be real heroes have to face that weakness and grow from the experience.

After feeling utterly embarrassed at the event, four students get their first chance at redemption… on their hero internship programs! Now they’ve been set into the real world to get first hand experience of the pro-hero world. With the city under attack from a series of daring robberies carried out by a bizarre ninja supervillain and rumours of a violent drifter crossing the prefecture’s borders, there’s plenty of chances to step up. The only question is they’ll be able to work together to save the day… or if their own drama will mess it up first.

A My Hero Academia OVA game for 4 UA Students looking to prove themselves to their peers.


Snapped Back
LARP by Paul Anthony Shortt
Not everyone was welcomed back after Bruce Banner used the Infinity Stones. Five years is a long time. Spouses have moved on. Children have grown up in foster care. Homes have been sold. Job positions filled. And then there’s the ones we lost indirectly.

In conjunction with Stark Industries and local governments, the UN has established facilities to help the Returned adjust to their new lives. At one such facility, a collection of people wait for processing. They’re scared, alone, and they want answers. The only problem is, not all of them came back the same.




Saturday 2pm-5pm

Nano Shark! They’re going to need a smaller Boat!
RPG by Beth Marshall
Nano-Shark!: they’re going to need a smaller boat. The President of the United States has been injected with nanoscopic sharks that are threatening to eat her alive from the inside out. The only people who can save her are a crack team of scientists, marine biologists and secret service agents shrunk down to go on a fantastic voyage to save the Commander in Chief.


Over the Hills and Far Away
RPG Blood and Iron by Dudley Martin
February 1866, the Taiping rebellion is flaring up again. Intelligence assets have captured plans regarding a massive assault on British and Imperial Chinese locations. The leaders of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the Tao mages seek to destroy all their opposition in one fell swoop. This leaves an opening to set an ambush for them. With new abilities to counter their magiks, and new weapons to oppose them, this is your opportunity to deal them a sound defeat. A company of their leaders are traveling to oversee an attack on Hong Kong. Here is your opportunity. Stop them and you will have made great strides in this war. Can you take advantage of the situation? Can you turn the tide of the conflict? The Empire and your friends are relying on you!


Elturel 99
RPG by Lydia Dutton
To set the scene, Elturel is a massive trading city. If you’ve got big money, it’s the place to double it. That’s why its central bank is among the most attractive targets a thief can have in all the realms. That’s why its safe takes every precaution. It’s harder to break into than… a bank safe… they’re very secure. Multiple enchantments prevent magic from working within twenty feet of them. The only door in weighs a ton. No, a literal ton. You’d need a team of giants if you wanted to force it open. So, how did all the money inside vanish? That’s what the 99 have been called in to solve. With a full team and a lot of resources at their disposal, the pressure is on to solve this case asap. Luckily, they’re the best detectives for the job. The only problem? THEY’RE the best detectives for the job.

A comedic DnD game for five players inspired by Brooklyn 99.


Ravensdale Academy 5/5: Final Exam
LARP by Feargal Keenan
The Final Year Dance will be held this Friday Night in the Everett Memorial Hall. Students will be attending in their costumes for this year’s theme of: Today and Tomorrow. There will be punch and snacks as we celebrate the end of exams and the impending start of Summer.

Please note we have a precog watching the punch bowl and Captain Chastity patrolling the grounds so behave. We don’t want any Flying Under the Influence or Inebriated Casting again this year.

Aer Lingus still haven’t let that go.



Saturday 6pm-9pm

MARK 5.1.9: AIpotheosis
RPG by Baz Nugent
NeoYork, March 2083. Humidity 240%, daily flash lightning (please wear your insulators) is expected. Current Lottery War permadeath count (including AIs) is 8,231,917,421, please make sure to back yourself up to the cloud if possible.

Mankind has six years left before we run out of what makes the world run. As humanity winds down, everyone is looking up to the stars and hoping to get on to one of the arks that will house those lucky few who will survive when planet Earth goes dark.
Humans are even abandoning their selves in order to get even a semblance of who they are off-planet. But what’s causing thousands of AIs, both synthetic and transplant, to disappear?

No-one likes an AI with notions of doing the right thing by humans and machines alike. But that won’t stop you solving this crime. The question is, which you will solve it?

A neon-noir Savage Worlds game for 1-6 AIs in a single body.


Milk & Honey
RPG by Aidan Marsh
No-one goes to the zoo in the evening, the runners thought. Quiet, but public, and easy enough for the group’s decker to remove any traces from the system once they were gone. Pretty much an ideal place to meet with Mr Johnson and get the details on the job.
But these days, no matter how hard a person tries to remain unobserved, there’s always someone who notices, and the details of their conversation caught your attention, sounding just interesting enough that you figured it would be worth your while to make a try for the prize yourself.

A Cybearpunk game for Six Criminal Bears


Fear and Lothran in Las Vegas
RPG by Dave Hayes
Lothran is a transit system on the star-jamming route between Sandhil and Numidia with little to nothing in the system but rocks, dust and a small canteena (Yes that is the right spelling) Station that does resupply and a well earned rest. Lothran Canteena went dark about 3 days ago. a number of ships have approached but there has been no docking advisory, or contact on any comms.

The elders of the Nomad Nations have put together a pot for a brave ship to go and see what is happening, and the crew of the Las Vegas want that pot!

A game for 6 intrepid space adventurers in the Unclaimed Worlds Universe


Blood and Iron LARP: Into the Aether
Larp by Dudley Martin
Welcome aboard the luxury airship ‘R.M.S. Halcyon’ for her maiden voyage from Hong Kong to London. Enjoy fine dining on choice delicacies , dancing in the ballroom , and even a spot of gambling in our floating casino. Enjoy your luxury accommodations in our high quality suites with modern amenities to suit any traveler. Rub shoulders with the best people, knowing that only the best will be with you aboard. Feel secure that you and your valuables will be miles above the world and the lesser classes, safe within the upper Aether . Travel in luxury and comfort unheard of previously. Join us for an event not to be missed.

Small Print: Notice ; There is a chance of airship pirates, sky kraken, and of course lower class stowaways and ruffians . There will be no refunds for failure to enjoy your journey, death , dismemberment, and/ or loss of valuables. You have been warned .



Saturday 10pm-1am

Decaying Orbit
RPG by James Lloyd-Jones
There’s a lot of junk in the upper atmosphere – orphaned rocket segments, broken satellites, the detritus of early spaceflight. A shell of wreckage that must, eventually, confine us to Earth.

So you’ve got one of the hardest jobs, in the most hostile environment conceivable; eight months of orbital cleanup. The pay is amazing, assuming you make it back to the surface, but a lot can go wrong up there at the edge of the black.


Betrayal on the High Seas
RPG by Matthew Toner
A group of seafaring pirates are betrayed and left for dead by one of their own. As they set out in search of the individual who wronged them, they will soon discover that this tale of revenge will cost more than just gold.



Sunday 10am-1pm

Biggles Flies Again (M. Cosgrave)
RPG: by M. Cosgrave
It is 1919. Demobilized after the end of World War I, Biggles and co pursue their career flying almost anything almost anywhere. But when an engineer working for the Wooster oil company is found dead in a locked cabin on a riverboat in the South American jungle, they must get to the root of the mystery before the company that writes their paychecks goes bust.

This is a swashbuckling cliffhanger style adventure with villains, planes, riverboats, possibly Zeppelins and perhaps an archaeologist set in the 1920s without a tentacle in sight and some random wandering cliches, using the latest edition of Savage Worlds.


Watching You Watching Me
RPG Supernatural: Family Ties by Dudley Martin
After a mostly successful first gig and a clue as to who is behind the FBI frame up. The band heads to Charleston, South Carolina for the next gig and to continue their investigation. The dead hunters that were used to frame them, had come from Charleston, so more information has to be there. You have to be cautious as this is a large city and you are still wanted terrorists. But you have to clear you names, at least of the crimes you have not committed. So pack your instruments, load your guns, and get ready to find the bastards that framed you!


Tales of Thedas
LARP by Eimear Quinn
2:9 Glory Age: Elves attack the small town of Red Crossing and massacre all human inhabitants.
2:9 Glory Age: Humans sacrifice the smalltown of Red Crossing to justify a crusade against elves.

2:10 Glory Age: Humans launch a crusade the elven homeland of the Dales to take vengeance for Red Crossing.
2:10 Glory Age: Humans launch a crusade the elven homeland of the Dales to steal their land and enslave them.

Humans generously provide places for the displaced elves to live.
Humans “generously” force elves to live in slums.

Two narratives. How many truths? During this time, a small group of humans and elves find themselves trapped with no means of escape. Can they set aside their differences and piece together what truly happened? Will if even matter if they do?



Sunday 2pm-5pm

Comrade Captain Kano and the Nazi’s from beyond Time and Space (Xander Cosgrave)
RPG: by Xander Cosgrave
Welcome back to another rip roaring adventure from Comrade Captain Kano and the crew of the U.S.S.S. 6th International as they try and keep capitalism out of the one place it hasn’t corrupted; SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE! This week, the Comrade Captain has received a worrying space telegram from Robo Kropotkin, he’s found a secret base that’s full of nazi’s building someone with their bourgeoisie allies and he needs Kano’s help to stop them! Join Kano, Seb, Pasha, Collective 42, their new ally the Ghost of Big Jimmy Connolly, and of course, Commissar Barksovich as they face this new foe!


Wild Hippos 2: Mercy Killing
RPG by Gerry Mc Evoy
The time has come! Months of planning, back channel dealing and dodging hit squads are about to pay off.
You land in your home country to oversee a (nearly) bloodless coup and end the reign of the idiot in chief.
You step off the plane but instead of allies you’re greeted by the ministry for internal security and promptly arressted for treason. What? You thought this was going easy?


Fey Earth – The monks of Lough Leane
RPG by Neil Byrne
A homebrew AU world where creatures from folklore & fairytale are real. Set in 19th century Ireland the party of adventurers have been hired by an antiquarian to investigate the ruins of an old monastery on an island in the middle of a lake. Locals stay away saying it is cursed but it is believed these monks were worshipping a Dark Fey creature and their secrets are still buried in their tomb.


City Of no Flag
LARP by Dave Hayes
An ongoing LARP by Sly Dirk Games, Set in the Unclaimed Worlds Universe

Numidia has grown Quite big since its humble beginnings, with the Carthage orbiting a base transition star. Now there are stations, planetoids, mining, trade, an increasing population and a ton of space traffic in one of the most cosmopolitan, and open systems in that Badlands Sector, of the Scutum–Centaurus Arm, of the Milky-way Galaxy.

That does not mean you are without Enemies; Rogue AIs, Corporate Megalomaniacs, A spacial Empire with more power than sense and any amount of bounty hunters all cause disquiet in your little corner of space.

But you are strong. You sing no anthems, Pay no Taxes, hold no Loyalties. You are a system of rebels, a System of no nations. Your stations are all Cities of No Flag. Please note that this is an 18+ event.



Sunday 6pm-9pm

RWBY: Irregular Insurgency
RPG by Paddy Roche & Lydia Dutton
Several of Beacon Academy’s brightest students (i.e. the names that came out of the raffle) have the privilege of attending the Prince Festival of a breathtaking place. An incredible example of cross-country cooperation, the city of Meteopolis flies high above the clouds over Atlas’ mountains. While many have heard of the touristy-sounding “Earthly Heaven”, an actual visit is incredibly rare and wonderful. That’s the sentimental crap used to fill out school reports. The students’ focus is on the scramble to be the city’s “Princess” elected at the Festival. The Princess represents the whole city… and is showered in glory!

That would have been a wonderful trip. On arrival day, a strange signal hit the airwaves. Communication with the outside was cut off. That’s when the message was announced. The “Irregular Forces” had seized control of Metopolis. All of its government and sabotaged military forces were to leave the city to its new masters. Now these aspiring Huntresses and Hunters are hostages in an incredibly dangerous situation. With the teachers meant to arrive later in the day, they have no choice but to fight to reopen the city. It’s the only chance of rescue they have.

A RWBY Tabletop game for 4 students vying for the “Princess” crown of a floating city.


The Cost of War
RPG by Daniel Adams
Amman V. Once a glittering luxury planet of hotels, spas and scintillating arcologies. A playground for wealthy corporate execs owned by the wealthy al-Khatib royal family. Now a warzone, invaded by alien creatures no living thing has encountered in hundreds of thousands of years, who have been awakened by greed and ambition and are set to consume this world and beyond. All that stands between them and the evacuating population is the beleaguered Royal Guard. Well, and you of course. Hot-shot pilots in the latest megacorp battleframes, you *were* participating in ARMEX, the biggest military dick-measuring contest in the galaxy. Now you are assisting the evacuation for “”fun and profit””. Some might call it noble. You call it networking.

An improved custom game of Mech combat for 5 ace pilots. Rated T for teens.





Sunday 10pm-1am

Misery Station
RPG by Alan Marshall
At the edge of civilized space, the beacons of a darkened hull plead into the night sky. Built in another age, abandoned and forgotten, then restored and abandoned once more, a giant station carved into the side of a rogue planetoid squats light years outside of any solar system. Too large and too far away to maintain economically and in too poor a location to be of any strategic importance, it is of no honest value to any of the great powers. The station teeters forever on the edge of failure, maintained by a sea of wretched inhabitants who have no way of escape.

The United earth coalition, newcomers to the stars and under interstellar embargo due to their underdeveloped status, have sent a salvage team to the station to steal as much technology as they can.

Only force of arms, wits and companions of like mind will see you through.

Welcome to Misery Station.


DIE: Goth Jumanji
RPG by Anthony O’Reilly
It’s been years since you’ve all seen each other. So much has changed, but the past is still sitting there, unspoken. So when Michael said “Hey, want to play a game for old time’s sake?”, everyone agreed.

“Remember that game from the 90s, the one that got in the news after being blamed for those kids going missing? They said all the copies were destroyed, but I managed to get my hands on one.”

Michael pulled out a black box, and we all got to work on character creation. Once we got into it, the years fell away and we started to talk to each other the way we used to, digging up old jokes and sharing memories of characters past. Why did we stop doing this, anyway?

“Okay, so now we pick up our class dice and…”


Michael smiled.

“I always get that wrong, the word is “Die”, isn’t it?”


What Lies in the Deep
LARP by Jack Carey
We messed up. The signs were there and we didn’t listen. The Thaw didn’t wipe humanity out but it came damn close, melting the ice caps and drowning most of the world. We survived but Earth is a much scarier place now.

Things changed after the Thaw. Things science couldn’t explain. Magic, mutation, undead corpses, and other monsters, all seeking to finish what the Thaw started. You want to survive, you stick to the Shallows and hope those dangers don’t come to you. And no place is safer right now than the city you are currently living in.

Welcome to Hell



Monday 10am-1pm

Interstellar Criminal Assets Bureau (ICAB) 1: Audit on Unity Station
RPG CyberPunk 2020 by Cian Scattergood
Most people say working for the government is a dull existence, 9 to 5 pushing papers, And for 99/100 civil servants that’s right. Some are an exception, and in theory that’s you ICAB. Government agents that use multiple angles of attack to take down those use the proceeds of crime to live a high life. A joint task force made up of the top staff from government departments all over the world doing their best to right wrongs on and off planet.

That’s the pitch anyway. At least you get to go into space unlike those INTERPOL losers. Usually the book worms catch something in the financial audit that unravels the plot and they bad guys go away without a shot being fired. some of the gung ho cops find this a tad boring but you know that’s how they got Al Capone. Hopefully today is just like any other.

A game for up to 6 disgruntled civil servants.


The Valley
RPG by Orla ní Dhúill
A D&D 5e adventure for 5 players written by Orla ní Dhúill Welcome to the beautiful valley resort town of Zazen. Its hilltop monestery has attracted pilgrims for hundreds of years as a place of contemplation that is designed to be shared by pilgrims of all faiths. It is deep in the densely wooded valley at the edge of the Sheocaan Lake. In recent years things have changed in Zazen. Where once it was a sparsely populated town, a large village really, where half the inhabitants were only passing through, it is now growing. Where once the visitors came seeking answers to questions that they kept to themselves, they are now mostly wealthy tourists. Now one of the most powerful families in Zazen are caught in controversy as the youngest son of the Ren House has been murdered.His older sister has hired your party to help her solve his murder.


Star Trek Irregulars: Episode 5
LARP by Irene & Shane Carr
Disaster threatens a remote colony and it’s up to you, the strangest crew in Starfleet to somehow save the inhabitants. Can you do it? Should you even try when doing so may run counter to the best interests of the Federation? And is there more to the situation than first meets the eye?



Monday 2pm-5pm

In The Name of The Moon, I Will Punish Cthulhu!
RPG by Lulu de Brun
The sailor scouts are used to horrible monsters, and defeating those monsters with their powers. But there’s talk of a cult summoning the ultimate monster of all – Cthulhu. This time, the schoolgirls will assault the tentacle monster.



Without a Trace
LARP by Stephen Cullen
*slick bass-line plays* “I’m sure you’ve all realised why I’ve gathered a bunch of expert criminals here in one place. Somebody wants a job done and they’re willing to pay for the best. Our client wants something recovered for them. An art piece that was removed from the city centre a few years ago. Our payment will be ten million each. But don’t worry, the pay doesn’t reflect how hard this is going to be. The package is currently owned by Dublin City Council, this is going to be the easiest job any of you have ever pulled. Our client would prefer to remain anonymous, but trust me when I say they can and will pay up when we’re done.”
So, everybody in?
What could possibly go wrong?