RPG & LARP Timetable & Blurbs

All Weekend

Shattered WorldoCon.

A game by the WorldConartists

The world is broken. To be accurate the worlds of WorldCon are breaking into our world. We need you to help: Across the weekend of Gaelcon we are running a team based living map of the CCD.

6 slots of up to 8 tables passing through Hugo award winning books with each game affecting the outcome of the next ones.


Friday 6pm-9pm

Quiet Times

A World of Darkness: Mirrors RPG for 6 players by Allan Leeson, Rated T

Rejoice! The Martian walking city of Oubliette strides across the red sands, protected from the radiation-storms and deranged machines that ravage the rusty martian desert.

In a city where death is not the end, public service isn’t so much wearing hi-vis jackets, as being placed in a robot-body to serve the community upon your death, your personality and feelings suppressed. You become Quiet.

And everyone must go to the Quiet one day. Everyone must die- For a time, at least. The poor die often, and return, and the rich die rarely, if at all, but everyone comes back eventually though, right?

Not so. There is one man the Resurrection Men have held in Quiet since the city’s founding. We don’t know what droid he’s in, or who exactly he is. Your mission: Find him, extract his mind, and bring him back from the dead. Simple, right?

A post-singularity science fiction game, set in the world of Hannu Rajaniemi’s Jean le Flambeur



A Neuroshima* RPG for 6 players by Michael “Savage” Fitzpatrick, Rated T

MOLOCH is coming to eat out your eyes and crap in your grits! You and the rest of the crew have hours – HOURS! – to get off the front and deliver your package or face some serious consequences. Doesn’t help that any number of rival courier outfits would just love to ‘help’ you make your delivery and there was a Juggernaut seen on the highway last night. Folks are evacuating ahead of a razor storm of flesh-stripping AI and now seems like a good time to get gone and hopefully get paid. Pass the ammo and praise Elvis, it’s gonna be a while before the next piss break.

*Please note the person responsible for this speaks/reads no Polish and is basing the game off a review he read somewhere and looking at the pictures in the book. True story.


Tales of Thedas: In the Seat of the Maker

A Dragon Age LARP for 15 people by Eimear Quinn, Rated T

Mages of Tevinter! We stand ready to venture to the one place no living soul has set foot in before – the Golden City. We have paid the cost in blood and now we shall travel through the realm of dreams and magic to secure power for our gods! We know not what awaits us there, but we high priests are willing to risk it all to serve. Our ambitions will usher in a new dawn of power and we shall see our empire return to the ways of the Old Gods. My name is Copypheus and I promise you that our enemies will be ground under the heel of the Tevinter Imperium!


Friday 10pm-1am

GUBU: I Fought Mná and Mná Won

A Garda Unit for the Bizarre and Unprecedented RPG for somewhere between 1 and 8 players, now, by that Nuge fella, Rated M

Ah here now! Seems like Pat Riarchy, fan of the old toxic masculinity and not so much a supporter of that there feminism, has come up with a devious plan to oppress the women of Ireland through the pernicious use of mind controlling spice bags! With no Rubberbandit to tell the lads to get woke, it’s up to the Girls of the GUBU to be Chaila­n in the name of!

GUBU: Sure t’is good for you!


Den of Thieves

A Forgotten Realms LARP of Celebratory Larceny by Eoin & Liz Dornan for up to 40 players, Rated T

It’s Maskfest in Neverwinter, the City of Skilled Hands, and you know what that means! Every young lad and lassie with an ambition to do a bit of thieving gets themselves down to the Fallen Tower Tavern, where the captains of the thieves guilds have gathered to hold the annual hiring fair. We do honour to Mask, god of thieves, and those who are skilled can earn a pretty penny in the crime spree that follows!�

Den of Thieves is a LARP set in the Forgotten Realms, where players will portray either a young thief hoping to make a name for themselves or the captain of a thieves guild looking to put together the right team to pull off the heist of the century. Expect lots of skullduggery and intrigue!


Saturday 10am-1pm

Mazes and Monsters, Part one

A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition RPG for 6 players by Sweet and Sorrow, Rated M

A game in two parts, following the adventures of a group of kids playing D&D against the backdrop of the 1980’s Satanic Panic, and dangers that never entered their worried parent’s heads. To get the best experience, sign up to play both slots.

Eleven (and a half) year old Bobby’s gaming group have found the perfect place to play the end of their campaign. So, if you’re not a chicken, meet us at the steam tunnels under the old hospital, bring your dice, snacks, and a torch, and we’ll beat that Hag once and for all. *note, despite the child protagonists, themes in this game are unsuitable for children.


Before the Fallout

A Savage Worlds RPG for 5 players, by Cian O’Sullivan, Rated T


War never changes.

It always comes down to resources. Water, land, blood… gasoline.

When the oil wells of the world went dry, the damn Commies came to take our productive Alaskan fields. It took 10 years, but we beat the Chinese all the way from Anchorage back to Shanghai.

You’re part of a Mechanised Infantry peace-keeping force left on Chinese soil, to ensure that the Reds don’t try anything again.

It’s 1 minute past midnight, on the morning of October 23rd, 2077.

You don’t know it yet, but by noon today, the Great War will have started… and ended. The world will have died in fire, and been reborn as a nuclear wasteland.

Your fate was not recorded.


Shin Megami Tensei Persona: Complex

A LARP 12 players by Patrick Roche, Feargal Keenan and Lydia Dutton, Rated T

Dear Student, Due to the unfortunate circumstances previously discuss you will now be staying in off Campus housing. As of this semester you will be moved to Ida-Inahetei Boarding House in the Heiwashi District. We are confident you will find the location most comfortable and well suited to your needs. We would also like to remind all students that we will not entertain any complaints regarding the administration as justification to transfer back to the Koseika Academy Dormitories. The Administration would like to reinforce its support to its students and their welfare and would encourage you to reach out to us on this number if you have any issues: NUMBER TO BE CONFIRMED We ask that you use the time and space to reflect upon yourself and your future. Koseika Academy is dedicated to your well-being and success. In this vein, once more urge students to ignore any unsavory rumors they have heard about the dorms. The school has taken every precaution. Best Regards, Koseika Academy Administration office


Saturday 2pm-5pm

Mazes and Monsters, Part two

A World of Darkness Innocents RPG for 6 players by Sweet and Sorrow, Rated M

A game in two parts, following the adventures of a group of kids playing D&D against the backdrop of the 1980’s Satanic Panic, and dangers that never entered their worried parent’s heads. To get the best experience, sign up to play both slots.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t supposed to go this way. But we’re friends, and friends stick together no matter what. We’ll make it right, somehow!

*note, despite the child protagonists, themes in this game are unsuitable for children.


Blood and Iron: Of Wolf and Man

A modified 1st edition Victorianna RPG for 6 players by Dudley Martin, Rated T

Christmas Eve 1865, London. A bitter chill has hit the city and brought a massive snowfall to the crowded streets. The rich sit comfortably in their heated homes with mulled wine and mince pies, celebrating, while the poor and destitute must struggle to find what warmth and food they can. There are those who are trying to improve the lot of those suffering, but they are few and far between these days. But there are others who seek to make more radical changes in the status quo. They have emerged with a plan, and the will to see it come to fruition. It is a simple plan, those keeping the people poor and downtrodden, must be eliminated. With the gruesome death of a prominent industrialist, the die was cast. Now threats have been made to many others (and even members of the aristocracy!). Through their actions many innocent lives will be lost. The Empire demands that they be stopped. What will you do?


“Clocktower Girls & the Renovationary War”

A Fate Accelerated RPG for 6 players by Michael Calnan & Dave Hayes, Rated PG

For the First time in a long time St. Theodora’s Finishing School for Modern Ladies is not having financial difficulties and can start to fix some of those little niggling problems in the school. The frays in the rope in the Gymnasium, the crack in the glass pane in the teachers withdrawing room, the 5th dimension that seems to persist in the thaumaturgy Laboratory in the Victoria Wing. There is just one problem. Your secret hideout the school’s clocktower is due to be renovated and what are you supposed to do with the extra-dimensional entity you’ve been hiding there?!


Matchbook Larp

A Noir Fantasy Horror LARP for 20 players by Gareth Young, Rated M

Chicago 1933 – Crime is the beating heart of the game world, with politicians and judges on the books of gangs, and often, law enforcement is not much better than petty criminals. Poverty has overcome the city, with unemployment at an all-time high. Roosevelt has taken the presidency nine short months ago. The Great Depression has hit hard and you all feel its pain. To some, crime seems to be the easiest way forward; to others it’s just making the bad worse.

Roosevelt, in an attempt to dissolve crime families, has signed an executive order to remove legal firearms within all 48 states of America, which has proven successful for crime rates and lucrative for black-market sellers. Overall, firearms amnesties have been achieved, even with low-level criminals. The armed forces have raided prominent crime families and their close allies, seizing close to 80% of criminal weaponry, and has cut gun crimes dramatically.

This has driven weaponry into the underground black market and it is proving more and more difficult to find weapons, increasing their value tenfold.


Saturday 6pm-9pm

MARK 5.1.9

A Cyberpunk RPG for 6 players by Baz Nugent, Rated T

NeoYork, October 2078. Humidity 140%, with high chance of flash lightning (please wear your insulators) and avoid feeding the rats as they have voiced their dislike of LackoCheeze.

This time of year used to cold, but now it’s hot and wet, a perpetual Indian Summer. That’s global warming for you. As you stare at the SeaWall that holds back the hundred extra feet of sea level, you’re not the only one looking.

Not because the city is crowded with Four Score and Twenty Million bodies. Rather, you’re not alone in your head. When you share your platform with other strong Artificial Intelligences, who gets control is an ongoing battle of will.

No-one likes a Clicker, especially one with notions of doing the right thing by humans and machines alike. But that won’t stop you solving this crime. The question is, which you will solve it?


For A Fistful of Creds

A risky job for 4 to 6 criminal crew members, using the Scum and Villainy/Blades in the Dark RPG system by Padraig O’Rúis, Rated T

The Procyon sector is not a nice part of the universe. Filled with the worst of the worst and organisations that claim to be “legitimate”, you earn a living doing everything from smuggling, to courier work, to even light security work. It’s a good life for you and your crew. Except tensions are rising in the sector and the major factions have their trigger fingers ready to fire. And even though you don’t like getting involved in the politics of it all, it’s tough to argue against the pay one of them is offering your crew for a pretty simple mission: escorting cargo from one system to another. How hard can it be?


City of No Flag

An Oceania System LARP by Sly Dirk Games for 40 people, Rated M

Being a Pirate is hard in the modern universe. Most of the large system conglomerates hold all the power and in recent years have been wiping out all the planetary ports that would have accepted you to dock, and you have been left somewhat out in the cold. That is where Carthage Deep-Space Station comes in. 2 Granada class Super BulkTraders welded together with Galena Class Carrier thrown into the mix for good measure. This is now your port, your sanctuary, but with all such places there is a price, before, in other stations and drifts, it was money, but on Carthage, it is service.


Saturday 10pm-1am

The Tainted

A Dark Heresy 2nd Edition RPG for 6 people by Tadeusz Cantwell, Rated T

As agents of an Inquisitor, you knew this time would come, the final mission. The underhive has been infested by Genestealer cultists, ready to explode into open rebellion and your team, the latest victims. Your Inquisitor stares at you with grim determination, as he utters his final order. Your minds won’t be your own for more than a few hours, just enough time to infiltrate their command centre and plant enough explosives to kill their leaders.


Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit: Slampocalypse 3

A wrestling game for 22 faces and heels by Padraig O’Ruis and Jon Butler, Rated T

It’s here. The biggest show of the year. Everything has been building up to this moment and now everyone will fight for the chance to impress on the grandest stage of them all. Every championship is on the line. Every competitor will be in action. Every feud will come to a bitter end. And to cap it all off, the biggest match in PWEC history: Mike Bronson, who hasn’t been beaten in over a year, defends his PWEC World Championship against Eric Cole, who looks to end Bronson’s tyrannical reign and capture the one belt that has alluded him all this time.

The time is now. The day is here. Live from Madison Square Garden in New York, the biggest show in PWEC history is upon us. Grab your tickets, join us for the ride, and make history with us.


Sunday 10am-1pm

The Nama Job

An Unclaimed Worlds RPG for 6 players by Sly Dirk Games, RatedM

Heists are fun. Your crew have been pulling them for 2 years now, just small ones, enough to keep the ship ship flying and you in good food and fine drink, but this one is different, this is the big time. You got wind a Saltair Corporation Bulk Trader is hauling 4 tons of Platinum and you have the cargo manifest. There is a Recruitment fair and tech competition being held on it when it is docked around the plant Nama, it would be impolite not to Rob it.


Supernatural: Family Ties I’m With the Band

A Supernatural game for up to 12 players by Dudley Martin, Rated T

The tour bus is ready and the band is ready to roll. You have a gig booked for the small town of Davis, West Virginia. Fortunately, as a Punk/Emo band you don’t need to really be able to play well, because you are not here just to rock. Someone or something within the FBI is trying to set you up for crimes you did not commit and this is the first location. You need to investigate what you supposedly did and try to find out who and what are after you. And remember some of your likenesses (and a number of aliases) are wanted by the government.


Speed Hating

A Superhero LARP for 16 players by Sweet and Sorrow Games, Rated T

Back in the Golden Age, things were different. People met serendipitously, maybe at the bank, a high society gala or even an art gallery, and had the time to slowly build a relationship and get to know each other to decide if they were a good match or not. Not anymore.

These days, the average protagonist/antagonist simply doesn’t have the luxury of time to meet their perfect match. The modern age has made the world smaller, but it has also made it busier, and the average Super Individual simply has too much to do to hope they just bump into the right person..

So, for a millenial problem, we offer a millennial solution: Speed Hating! Come to our debut event, meet with a variety of like minded individuals over the course of the night, get to know each other and find that special someone.

After all, everyone needs a nemesis.


Sunday 2pm-5pm

The Mystery Machine: Southern Charm

A Cthulhu RPG for 5 players by Legendgerry, Rated T

The Mystery Machine ™, a team of paranormal investigators founded by the multimillionaire inventor Shaggy, have been traveling the world debunking myths and ghost stories all year but this episode hits close to home when Shaggy inherits an apparently haunted mansion in the deep south….. Copyright Mandrake Productions 2018


Hope & Virtues: #5 Horror of Rush Valley

A Fullmetal Alchemist RPG for 6 deserters running for their lives by Lydia Dutton, Rated T

Following a series of hard choices, several officers have abandoned the Amestrian military. Getting the barest glimpse of the dark secrets of alchemy running through the country makes them marked men. Weighed down by injury, they have regrouped in Rush Valley. They know they’re still being hunted. They’re struggling to keep a low profile. Especially when trouble has had a way of finding these poor ex-soldiers. Amestria is still their country and its people are still their own. When a series of mysterious alchemical incidents rock the city, they feel obliged to help. Besides, it might be another step in uncovering the mystery of their country.


The Debate

A game of politics, romance, and debating for 12-16 people by Caoimhe Tiernan and Conor Swift, Rated T

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, then you can bet it was planned that way -FDR.”

It’s the debate of the century! The Lilac and Violet candidates are going to tear each other to shreds or throw themselves under the bus for the amusement of the masses. You, however, are working Behind the Scenes. Whether you’re the worked-to-death intern, the person who was snubbed for the nomination or a reporter trying to get your big scoop, you have everything to play for. We’re live in 30 minutes! Welcome to The Debate!


Sunday 6pm-9pm

The Vampire of New Angeles

A Fate RPG for 5 people by Legendgerry, Rated M

Cosmetic gene alteration has been around for decades, people alter their genetics to look more like cats, elves, vampires etc and those people formed GAB communities. (Genetically altered beings) You’re part of the Office for Extraordinary Communities (OFEC) an NAPD department tasked with policing these communities, you just took down a hate group of young NBN execs that were targeting Cat kin, their corp is putting on the pressure to drop the case while mounting a media campaign against Gabbers and now a bodies shown up, two puncture marks, drained of blood but that wasn’t the weird part….

A world of Android game


Starmarked Family

A Scion RPG for 5 players by Paddy Roche, Rated T

The various pantheons of the Gods all consider themselves the true rulers of the universe. Naturally, this makes any alliance between them extremely tenuous. If they weren’t at war with the Titans, they could just kill each other until only one pantheon remained. Instead, they were forced to play nice. So, someone made a suggestion. What if they chose a pair of heroes and marked their children with the powers of different pantheons. Then their kid could be the best, as expected, and the other Gods would have to respect their superiority. The unfortunate side effect of this plan were five children left at the centre of a massive pissing match between the fundamental forces of the universe. Now that the kids are finally going out on their first real heroic adventure, all eyes are on them. It’s going to be an exhausting mess for sure, and that’ll just be in dealing with the Gods playing favourites. Are they even going to make it to the adventure proper?! A Scion road trip for five siblings charging into a suspiciously convenient conspiracy.


Evenings On Summerville Lane

A game of intrigue, paranoia and keeping up appearances for up to 20 absolutely lovely players by Jack Carey, Rated T

Ah the lovely littler suburban paradise of Summerville Lane, where the perfect nuclear families that call Liberty City home. Enjoy your days of peace, neighborly friendship and warm summer evenings as you live the American Dream. What’s that? Mr McMahon is having a barbecue? What a delightful idea.


Sunday 10pm-1am

In the Nick of Time

A Savage Worlds RPG for 5 players by Sean Geraghty, Rated T

As agents of an Inquisitor, you knew this time would come, the final mission. The underhive has been infested by Genestealer cultists, ready to explode into open rebellion and your team, the latest victims. Your Inquisitor stares at you with grim determination, as he utters his final order. Your minds won’t be your own for more than a few hours, just enough time to infiltrate their command centre and plant enough explosives to kill their leaders.

Ever hear of Tulius Cardus Aquila, commander of the IX and conqueror of Germania? No! How about the Moorish general Ibn Khadi, the butcher of the Franks and scourge of Europe or Hachozela, who slaughtered Cortez and his men straight off their ships. Not them either eh? Well, that’s to be expected, few do. What am I talking about? Well, alternate history, time divergence, stories that never were. I am talking about what all these guys have on common. I’m talking about being NICKED.

In the booklet and on the website, will the Persona game have Feargal Keenan, Patrick Roche and Lydia Dutton’s names on the game? I’m Paddy and I figured it was just to keep the timetable in the email manageable. I was thinking about it there and wanted to double check.


Starfleet’s Irregulars

A Star Trek LARP for 30 players by Irene McQuillan, Rated PG

You wanted to serve the Federation, to see the galaxy but you’re not exactly the average officer… neither are your crewmates. Looks like someone decided to put all their problem cases on one ship. Well this should be interesting.


Monday 10am-1pm

Tales of Toholon: Well, That Could Have Gone Better

A Savage Worlds RPG for 4-6 Heroic Idiots Who’ve Already Lost, by Shane Carr, Rated PG

The mission is a failure. Your attempt to storm the island fortress of the wily billionaire supervillain Jaosin Carnae has ended in your whole team being captured. And it’s really your own fault, after you split the party and each of you got caught in a ridiculous and avoidable predicament as you messed with the mad science machines strewn around. Now you are tied up, helpless before Carnae’s doomsday device, and as if things couldn’t get any worse, he’s about to start monologuing….


Ravensdale Preparatory Academy #1 of 5 “First Day Blues”

A storytelling game for 8-12 superpowered teens on their first day of school by Feargal Keenan, Rated T

We’d like to welcome all of our new students on the first day at Ravensdale Academy, the world’s number one school for superhuman youth! The Magic Club are giving a demonstration on the main quad in how to summon the vengeful spirits of the wronged, and in the lab building the Science Club will be demonstrating sufficient disregard for the laws of physics to amaze and inspire you.

Please remember to register for your introduction group, power assessment and lunch.

We would like to remind students to review the procedure for alien invasions, clones and rifts in time space and follow that closely in the event of any incidents.

Also: Can whoever parked their jetpack in zone three please move it?

Have a wonderful first day future heroes of tomorrow!!!


Monday 2pm-5pm

Yellow Submarine (The Meanies strike back)

A D&D 5th Edition Game for 5 players by Davy Spratt, Rated T

Young Frank, Ringo, Paul, John and George return to rescue Pepperpotland from blue glove mark 2.


Brexistenz: The Orrible Kants vs. The End of the World

A Savage Worlds game for 5 players, by Cian O’Sullivan, Rated T

“You ‘aving a giggle, mate? I saw the Orrible Kants feed the the Devil Gorrilla of Brixton to a herd of hungry pigs. The Kants are the best Monster Hunters in the business, you raspberry tart. They went after the Peckham Giga-Tarantula with meat cleavers, and chopped all eight of its hairy bloody legs off. So don’t give me all that “Queen and Country” tosh. Round here we need to see the colour of your Bangers and Mash… wait, how much? …well, all right then, I’ll give ‘em a call.”

The Orrible Kants hunt and kill Giant Monsters for whoever’s paying. They’ve been hired for their biggest job ever – preventing Nigel Farage from enacting an ancient Druidic ritual which will not only remove Britain from Europe, but from this plane of existence entirely. This will have the minor side effect of destroying the Earth, but at least it will provide funding for the NHS.


The Election of ’76

A political LARP for 24 players by Oisin Creaner, Rated M

US Politics are in turmoil. A series of unlikely accidents have left both major political parties without a candidate going into the election, and not one, but two wide-open “brokered” conventions are due to take place. With the press, donors, interest groups, third parties and even foreign “observers” all scrabbling for attention, will anyone even stop to think of the voters?