Gaming – A Sense of Community


Recently while having a conversation with a friend I realised I have been playing RPG games for 18 years. That realisation was harrowing because firstly it makes me feel old, secondly though it reminded me how many wonderful people I have met and played games with over that time. As I look around the internet at various groups, events and organisations for our little island it makes me very proud to be a member of this tribe we call gamers.

It’s so much easier to find a gaming group to join and have fun with these days.The convention scene is still going strong sure, but it’s nice to know that I can get a social gaming fix in between. With the likes of groups such as ALT Events Dublin running games days in Fringe Labs, Girls Get Gaming who run /tabletop Tuesday in The black Sheep pub and the IGA’s very own Games nights in Robert Reades on Thursday to mention but a few. Lets not forget there are many other groups besides all over this little country.

Having spent a number of years in and around the gaming scene I see the dedication that we have for our hobby as a community. Game Writers staying up to Silly o’Clock getting the game ready for it’s debut. Convention committee’s working all year round to put on a great event for their fellow gamers. Volunteers giving up their time to provide the con go’er with an excellently fun time. We should be proud of our contributions of time effort and energy we give to our community.

And of course it would be a disservice not to mention how the gaming community have raised vital funds to support many worthy charities. We have caring hearts deep down inside all that LARP armour and chainmail. I am so looking forward to seeing many of my con buddies at Gaelcon this year. I love how you can sit down to a table and play an rpg for three hours and many years later still reminisce the epic mentally mind boggling antics you got up to with the then strangers, who are now your good friends.

So l sit and reflect the fond memories I have had over those 18 years, The friends I have found. The games I have loved. The costumes I prepared for characters, the props I made.

And the dice bags I have sewn. Oh so many wonderful discussions I  have had and the stories I have collected. Gaming has enriched my life, it has let my imagination soar and put many a smile on my face. These aren’t wrinkles I am cultivating they are the result of gaming grins, you know the one when you have that glint in your eye and a mischievous action planned out for your next move.

So I say my sincere thanks to you my fellow gamers, let us continue to invest in our hobby and community. I look forward to adding many more wonderful, fun memories to my collection. I am honoured to be your special events coordinator for Gaelcon 2016 fingers crossed I can help you have an excellently fun time. Until then roll the dice, flip the cards and may the odds be ever in your favour.