Every year we have a great selection of tabletop RPGs, but we always need brave men and women on the front lines to wrangle players and rustle dice.

That is where GMs come in, to run games.

We have a GM Incentive Program, you earn pips for running things. These can be traded in for entry into an RPG or Larp, and also act as tickets to a GM raffle at the end of the con.

If you earn 6 pips we refund your entry, but you can go further still.

Iron GM 
At 9 pips, you become an Iron GM, it’s like a Gaelcon gaming achievement. It is hard work, but satisfying in a “I have given all I’ve got” sort of way. You also get one of our Iron GM T-shirts, to prove you pushed beyond the limits of mere mortals and such.

It’s a good idea to let us know in advance you are going for this.

Contact us at if you are interested in being a Game Master