Xander Cosgrave – Director
Isabella Storey Cosgrave – Trade and Sponsorship
Graham Turner – RPGs & LARPS
Sean Donnelly – PRO & Assistant RPGS
Pat Maher – Logistics
Rian Boyle – Co Staff Coordinator
Niamh Kearney – Co Staff Coordinator
Luke Flanagan – Boardgames
Tymora Freeman Stannet – Special Events
Beth Marshall – Special Events
Dan Ahern – Wargames
Alan Armstrong – Wargames
Aidan Walsh – Design & Production
Hudson – Charity

Xander “il Comandante” Cosgrave

The Glorious leader of the Peoples Revolutionary Gaelcon Committee. Xander has decreed that everyone at the con will have a good time, and any dissenters from the good time decree will be promptly sent on a reeducation march, or as it’s also known ‘The Dublin Marathon’

Isabella “Cache is Queen” Storey Cosgrave
Trade and Sponsorship

Isabella likes two things, money, and shiny things that have no real value but are at least shiny, in this way she is somewhere between a cat, a dragon, and a magpie. If you stand too close to her you may find yourself donating prize support, or indeed, becoming prize support.

Graham “Grumbly” Turner

Graham had thought he escaped Gaelcon, and he was just going to come in, have a good time, run his pub quiz, and then go home. Maybe he thought he was going to get a decent amount of sleep? Who knows? What we do know is that he hasn’t escaped. Don’t worry, he’s still writing the pub quiz, he volunteered for that as well.

Sean ‘Bright Eyes’ Donnelly
PRO & Assistant RPGS

Sean is still full of youthful vibrant energy, so much so that we gave him two positions because all the energy was frankly annoying us and we felt he needed to be more jaded. In his spare time, Sean likes to catalogue books by edition and then scream at people when they borrow them from the DU Gamers library.

Pat ‘Ferdinand Foch’ Maher

Pat has been staffing events since before half of the committee was born, and the con director only clears that threshold by three months. Since most of the committee are about as organised as an anarchist battalion in the Spanish Civil War, Pat’s ancient, uh ‘wisdom’ is of great help. Fun Fact, Pat was the Staff Coordinator when the director was staffing their first Gaelcon.

Rian ‘Fishnets’ Boyle
Co Staff Coordinator

Rian has worked with Xander more than once now, and still hasn’t copped onto the fact that this isn’t a healthy life to lead. The Chair of DU Gamers, Rian has recruited their staff by telling them that they need to volunteer for Gaelcon to run for committee. This is a lie, but since they’ve already signed up, they can’t escape now.

Niamh ‘The Masochist’ Kearney
Co Staff Coordinator

Last year at Gaelcon, Niamh sort of just started helping, now this year, she’s in charge of the people who are sort of helping! What an exciting turn of events. Similar to Rian, Niamh’s also worked with Xander numerous times before but has suffered a series of head injuries that make her keep signing up.

Luke ‘The Fluke’ Flanagan

We still only have one thing to say about Luke. He once missed a con because he had to go to college and we will never let him forget.
Gaming is more important than college Luke, who would pick class over playing games in the pub?! Ewwww.

Tymora ‘I’m an engineer Y’know’ Freeman Stannet
Special Events

Ty’s been here before, quite literally in fact, because she was Special Events for the con last year. Apparently she loved it so much she wanted to do it again, only this time with someone else because doing it all on your own is not fun?

Beth ‘In Absentia’ Marshall
I Can’t believe it’s not Special Events

Another victim of Gaelcons gone by, Beth remembers the director back in his youthful days, when he was like a teenager, hairless and obnoxious, rather than now, where he’s in his twenties, hairy and more obnoxious. Beth is working to organise the events in advance with Ty, rather than the usual fashion of a con which is four to five minutes before the event has to happen.

Dan ‘The Baiiiiii’ Ahern

Our token Corkonian on committee, Dan has many pastimes including, but not limited too, playing Warhammer, and long-ish walks to the bar to get a pint while his opponents are moving their armies that are all infantry. Those actually might just be the same hobby but in different stages actually.

Alan ‘Dark Eldar Waifu’ Armstrong
More Wargames

Alan likes to have fun when he plays games. For Alan, that means designing armies that are really really broken. Not broken in the slightly cheaty munchkin sort of way, no, broken in the way they suck so bad that they’re unplayable. I think he plays DnD, but like, only runs a gnome illusionist, even in 5th Ed Games.

Aidan ‘Endurance’ Walsh
Design & Production & Web Design

Aidan. Aidan Never changes.
No really, we’re not sure how this is happening, we think he subsists on the joy and energy of congoers because we’re almost certain he was dead last year and then boom, he just walked into the con with a box of T-shirts. This year he’s back again! Is he a Lich? Android? The ghost of Gaelcon past? Who knows.


Hudson has potentially incriminating, and at the very least indiscreet, photos of the person writing these bios somewhere, and even though we think they might have been lost, we’re not willing to take that chance so we simply won’t comment on his bio.