Larp Blurbs

Friday Evening: 7pm – 10pm

Larp: Novus Ordo Seculorum

The old ways have been swept aside, the nature of Magick, of reality itself has been changed. Chaos and Order stand balanced for the first time since the world was made. Ancient spells fray and unravel. The impossible becomes possible. The Old Orders of Magick stand poised on the brink of triumph or disaster. The forest of Rhuul, meeting place and heard of the Convocation of the Five Pointed Star, is no more, Gone, perished in Soulfire, called down by the Lich Lord of Leng , it’s destruction has undone the bonds that held the Orders together. A New Covenant must be formed, a new concord. Forged in the shadow of the terrible war with the nightmare city of Leng, the wizards of the world must put aside their feuds and quarrels, and set in stone a New Convocation for a new age. The year is 1899. The place is London, England, at the exclusive Golden Magus club on the Strand. There, the mightiest mages of the age must gather, and shape the fate of the world. As the new age comes to a close, and a new one dawns, how will you choose? Take up your staff and make the world anew.


A Convocation of the Five Pointed Star larp by Graham Turner and Andrew Coffey for 18 – 24 players.

Rating: Everyone

Tags: Magic. Fantasy. 19th Century.


Friday Night 11pm – 2am

Larp: Dublin Dark Heresy LARP Society presents: Something Horrid Comes This Way


All Hallows’ Eve is upon us. The one night a year when the veil between our realm & that of Chaos is at its thinnest. When Gods & Deamons alike can cross over & feed. Where power can be given or taken. & such power is paid for in souls.  But those poor souls collected to pay your entry into immortality have escaped Now, that the appointed hour has arrived & the demons are at the door, who will died so that others can gain?

A Black Crusade LARP for 12 – 16 players by Matty.

Rating: Mature

Tags: High fantasy. Sci-Fi. Murder.


Saturday Morning 11am – 2pm

Larp: No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

“…don’t forget to tune in and join me on Saturday where I’ll be reporting live from the opening of Horizon’s newest community outreach program, Daily Bread! We’ll be getting our hands dirty in the Redmond barrens from 12 o clock Pacific, helping out those poor unfortunates who can’t help themselves. 

And hey, if you’re one of our regular barrens viewers, why not drop down in person? Because whoever said there’s no such thing as a free lunch, clearly hasn’t heard of Horizon.

Now here’s Tom with the weather”

A LARP in the Shadowrun setting for 15 – 20 players by Aonghus Collins, Michelle Haward & Shane Ronan

Rating: T for Teen
Tags: cyberpunk dystopia; class struggle

Saturday Afternoon 3pm – 6pm

Larp: Higher Powers Issue #24: Capitol Punishment 

This is a NEWS 360 exclusive, giving you LIVE coverage from Washington DC. The Supreme Court is abuzz today as Parahuman crime boss Reverend Brunswick is brought to his first day of trial under armed escort. Not since Diehard has there been such a keen interest in the prosecution of a Super Powered individual, with some of the worlds keenest and most influential minds in attendance the court house is thick with anticipation. Security is at an all time high as well with rumors circulating that the Reverend is set to make a plea bargain with some world shaking news. Our sources, however, confirm that a 50 million dollar hit has been placed on his head so the question remains: will he survive to say his piece?

A Super Powered LARP for 6 New & 25 Returning Players

Saturday Evening 7pm – 10pm

Larp: Crossroads

You thought that when the zombies came, you would be ready for them. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. We all have at one point. We’ve all had those late night conversations, and we all thought we’d be one of those who survive.

But we didn’t know then, that surviving was only the beginning. The worst part, worse than the zombies was yet to come. The long winter, the food shortages, the rising tempers, those can be more dangerous than the zombies themselves.

Can you work together to survive the dead of winter?

A homebrew LARP inspired by the Dead of Winter boardgame for 15 – 20 players by Hannah B and Dillon Rooney.
Rating: E
Tags: Dead of winter. Survival. Zombies.

Saturday Night 11pm – 2am

Larp: Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit: Slampocalypse!

It’s the biggest event of the PWEC calendar! All the biggest names in professional wrestling are on the main stage tonight as championships, honour, and glory are on the line. Everything that has happened this year has been building up to this and you can bet that the wrestling will be the best you’ve seen all year! Get ready for Slaaaaaaaaampocalypse!

(Previous wrestling knowledge not needed to enjoy the game)

A homebrew LARP for 14 – 18 players by Padraig O’Ruis.
Rating: T for Teen
Tags: Theatrical. Wrestling. Over-the-top. Larger than life.


Sunday Morning 11am – 2pm

Larp: Higher Powers: Issue #25: Champagne Supernova

“Well, my friends, we’ve reached a new milestone. Six years of research into the Paradigm Event and the UN and Tetrasoft have finally seen the fruits of our labor. We all know whatever caused all those people to get super powers came from space but we are still in the dark as to how or why. Intelligent design? Random chance? My money’s on the latter but I can’t prove it… yet. Regardless, we are having a party in Russia’s Special Astrophysical Observatory where the majority of the research on the Paradigm Event’s origins has been conducted, spearheaded by the UNESCO and Tetrasoft Research and Development Team of course. We will have important businessmen, high ranking officials and parahumans both affiliated with international organisations and freelance, all coming to see what we have to say about how this all started. It’s a time of celebration and opportunity, my fellow scientists, and I hope we can make the most of it.”

 A Super Powered LARP for 6 New & 25 Returning Players

Sunday Afternoon 3pm – 6pm

#Feminism Nano-Games: Speed Larping for Fun and Profit

You’re a cis guy listening to an argument. A Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Part of
a professional’s brain trying to decide when/if she should wear lipstick. A rocket
engineer. Malala’s sister. Yourself, coming up with new words for… things you
think you can’t say. Every 30 minutes you’re in a new game, and they all have
something to explore about feminist issues. 3-5 players per game, come and go
as you like. Some games are mechanicky, some are narrative, some are angry,
comedic, or thoughtful. Or all that. Written by larpwriters from across the globe.

A series of short, Freeform LARPs for 3 – 30 players facilitated by Hannah  and Sarah Hoover.

Rating: T
Tags: All the tags. Speed-larping. Various styles. Various settings. Nano games.


Sunday Evening 7pm – 10pm

Larp: Star Wars, Tales of The Old Republic, The Mandalorian Wars.

The Old Republic has been living in a golden age of peace, or at least it mostly was right up until the Mandalorians started to tear through the Outer Rim. Local Resistance has been piecemeal and the juggernaut that is the Mandalorian offensive seems unstoppable. The Senate, Beacon of Democracy that it is, is completely bound up in bureaucracy and completely incapable of action. But you are not the senate, you are more than the water pump politicians sent off to Coruscant, and you will do everything you can to stop the destruction of the Republic.

A Star Wars LARP set in the Old Republic era for 8-14 players by Xander Cosgrave.

Rating: Teen
Tags: Political. Sci-fi. Star Wars.


Sunday Night 11pm – 2am

Larp: The Dublin Dark Heresy Society presents: Progress Rolls Ever Forward!

All aboard the maiden voyage of the Caedes Express. The rain line that Planetary Governor Sulfur has worked so hard to complete is now ready to whisk you between the seven cities, in the height of luxury. No longer will you have to travel the roads, like a commoner. With the ever present fear of bandits & bad weather inconveniencing you. Now, style & comfort are all just a single ticket away. Join us, won’t you, on this night to remember.

A Dark Heresy LARP for 12 – 16 players by Matty.
Rating: Teen

Tags: High fantasy Sci-Fi & Investigation 


Monday Morning 11am – 2pm

Larp – Supernatural Family Ties: Who Am I?

Located in the small town of Benson in upstate New York, the Nathan Williams House has been documented for a rather grisly murder/suicide in 1961 and as a site of a series of ghastly hauntings that have driven out all families who have tried to live there afterwards.  While the house has fallen into disrepair, its legend lives on to challenge new groups of paranormal investigators and those who seek to prove their bravery. But over the past decade the house has been boarded up and entry has been denied. But fortunately the popular web series ‘Fear Finders’ has been able to work out a deal with the owners and are providing a special opportunity. In association with CamperCon there have been a number of tickets auctioned off for a unique challenge.  The doors of the house will be opened for one night and the recipients of tickets will be allowed to spend the night in this heavily haunted house.  If they are successful and ‘survive’ the night, there is a cash prize of $1000 for each survivor (courtesy of ‘Fear Finders’). Log on to ‘Fear Finders’ tonight as they live stream this challenge and introduce you to the brave challengers of the Nathan Williams House.

A freeform Supernatural LARP by Dudley Martin and Andrew Coffey for 12 – 24 players

Rating: Mature

Tags: Supernatural TV Show. Horror. Investigative. Freeform.



Monday Afternoon 3pm  – 6pm

Larp: Tales of Toholon – The Thirty-Fourth Ogomo

Median Ogomo, Thirty-Third of that name, has fallen in combat, defending his honor to the last. Yet in this time of crisis, the Ogomo clan cannot be leaderless. Tokugawa needs us to choose her destiny, to be the deciding force stood between the Loyalists and the Patriots, between Peaceful Contentment and National Power. Our wealth, our skill, our honor, must be placed in a single figure, our pillar of strength to bear the weight of the country’s problems, paramount and plebeian. The next Lord or Lady Ogomo must be chosen, to take up the Ogomo-Ken and lead Tokugawa through the flames of civil war into the future.

A Tales of Toholon LARP for 12 – 18 players by Shane Carr and Aiden Marsh.
Rating: Everyone.
Tags: Steampunk. Political.