RPGs & LARPs Friday 6pm


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Online Sales are closed, however Tickets are still available at the door all weekend!

Friday 6pm – 9pm RPGs & LARPs.

RPG GUBU by Nuge

We’re leaving Clonsilla, But still it’s Springhill,
And maybe we’ll come back, to Howth, who can tell?
I guess there’s no-one to blame for leaving Garristown (Garris-town)
Will things ever be Portrane?

it’s the Fingal Countdown (X 2)

We’re heading for Finglas, and still the Mun stands tall,
‘Cause maybe they’ve seen Rush, and passed through the Naul,
With all Malahide to go, And Blanchardstown (Blanch-ards-town)
I’m sure that we’ll all miss Lusk so!

It’s the Fingal Countdown (repeat for all eternity)

One last Garda Unit for the Bizarre and Unpraycedented game for somewhere between 1 and 8 players, now, by that Nuge fella.


The Old Guard
RPG by Paul Short
You were the best. Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, demons, you’ve hunted them all. And you won. You fought the good fight and earned your rest. But now a creature from your past has returned, and only one group of elderly monster-hunters can save the day. It’s time to take your pills and flex your hip-replacement, and get ready for one last fight.


High Tech, Low Life
LARP by Feargal Keenan
Welcome to Next Round. Please hold for Cybermetric Scans…status confirmed: Orphan. Neutral territory is in effect, any violence will be aggressively diffused. If you belong to the CONFIDENTIAL party here for REDACTED you may proceed. Please enjoy your secure NonCorp stay in the bar. Please take this coupon for a free augment lubrication at Janice’s Jalopy Joints as thanks for your custom. All Premium Synthanol Drinks are 12% off tonight only.

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Friday 6pm-9pm

The Fingal Countdown : RPG, The Old Guard : RPG, High Tech, Low Life : LARP