RPGs & LARPs Friday 10pm


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Online Sales are closed, however Tickets are still available at the door all weekend!

Friday 10pm – 1am RPGs & LARPs.

Tomb Raid
RPG by James Lloyd-Jones
My great-great-grandma said once upon a time, our town had a protector – a master warrior left to watch over us when the Magi fell, until they too disappeared. Now invaders threaten to enslave us, and no sixguns or wrenches will be enough to fight them off. The old orbital defences are failing, it’s just a matter of time. So we’ve got to make one last gamble and search the Tomb, the ruins of Planetfall, and hope we can wake the Bandi to save us.


Implausible Deniability
RPG by Zawayix Falconer
Set in a future where resources are scarce, the players are forced to take on a suicide mission to steal R&D tech from the military. On their mission, they find out there may be more to the situation than they originally bargained for.

Zirconia Inc. Team-Building Event
LARP by Rowland Cooper
Internal Memo
To: All Departments
From: All Departments Team Building Weekend Organisational Team.
Subject: This weekends event!!!!

Hi everyone!!!!

Anna and Andrew here to remind you all about the Zirconia Inc. All employees are invited to compulsorily attend*. The buses leave on Friday evening at 6pm sharp!!!!

This weekend is all about fun, but it’s also about synergising our departments teams and our cross-departmental goals going forward. As well as FUN ACTIVITIES there will be workshops, team events, and Frank from HR will be giving his lecture on cross-department cooperation and how it can improve the companies upward revenue streams.

So come along, and always remember our WINNING TOGETHER corporate culture.

Anna and Andrew.
*failure to attend may result in a written warning, loss of bonus, or enrolment on a two week cooperation and teamwork course.

Additional information

Friday 10pm-1am

Tomb Raid : RPG, Implausible Deniability : RPG, Zirconia Inc. Team-Building Event : LARP