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Online Sales are closed, however Tickets are still available at the door all weekend!

Monday 10am – 2pm RPGs & LARPs.

Monday 10am-1pm

Interstellar Criminal Assets Bureau (ICAB) 1: Audit on Unity Station
RPG CyberPunk 2020 by Cian Scattergood
Most people say working for the government is a dull existence, 9 to 5 pushing papers, And for 99/100 civil servants that’s right. Some are an exception, and in theory that’s you ICAB. Government agents that use multiple angles of attack to take down those use the proceeds of crime to live a high life. A joint task force made up of the top staff from government departments all over the world doing their best to right wrongs on and off planet.

That’s the pitch anyway. At least you get to go into space unlike those INTERPOL losers. Usually the book worms catch something in the financial audit that unravels the plot and they bad guys go away without a shot being fired. some of the gung ho cops find this a tad boring but you know that’s how they got Al Capone. Hopefully today is just like any other.

A game for up to 6 disgruntled civil servants.


The Valley
RPG by Orla ní Dhúill
A D&D 5e adventure for 5 players written by Orla ní Dhúill Welcome to the beautiful valley resort town of Zazen. Its hilltop monestery has attracted pilgrims for hundreds of years as a place of contemplation that is designed to be shared by pilgrims of all faiths. It is deep in the densely wooded valley at the edge of the Sheocaan Lake. In recent years things have changed in Zazen. Where once it was a sparsely populated town, a large village really, where half the inhabitants were only passing through, it is now growing. Where once the visitors came seeking answers to questions that they kept to themselves, they are now mostly wealthy tourists. Now one of the most powerful families in Zazen are caught in controversy as the youngest son of the Ren House has been murdered.His older sister has hired your party to help her solve his murder.


Star Trek Irregulars: Episode 5
LARP by Irene & Shane Carr
Disaster threatens a remote colony and it’s up to you, the strangest crew in Starfleet to somehow save the inhabitants. Can you do it? Should you even try when doing so may run counter to the best interests of the Federation? And is there more to the situation than first meets the eye?

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Monday 10am-2pm

Interstellar Criminal Assets Bureau (ICAB) 1: RPG CyberPunk 2020, The Valley : RPG, Star Trek Irregulars: Episode 5 : LARP