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Online Sales are closed, however Tickets are still available at the door all weekend!

Saturday 10am – 1pm RPGs & LARPs.

The Dead at Dahlfield
RPG by Feargal Keenan
Attention! Attention! This is Pridwen Order Channel 4 Priority Level Gold. All 4th Degree Knights on Duty are to report to Knight Captain Octavian for an emergency dispatch. An Ash Quarantine has been set up in Dahlfield due to a surge of undead from Saint Morwenna’s Graveyard. This is Code Six situation please arm yourselves accordingly.

My Hero Academia: Children and their Dolls
RPG by Paddy Roche
UA Students get their first real taste of the competitive world of heroes in the sports festival. A gruelling, soul crushing series of events that push the teens to their limits. It doesn’t help that it’s all under the judging gaze of Tokyo’s viewing public. Countless students give everything they have in front of everyone they know… and humiliatingly fail to measure up. The shock has even driven some to wash out of the hero course. Those hoping to be real heroes have to face that weakness and grow from the experience.

After feeling utterly embarrassed at the event, four students get their first chance at redemption… on their hero internship programs! Now they’ve been set into the real world to get first hand experience of the pro-hero world. With the city under attack from a series of daring robberies carried out by a bizarre ninja supervillain and rumours of a violent drifter crossing the prefecture’s borders, there’s plenty of chances to step up. The only question is they’ll be able to work together to save the day… or if their own drama will mess it up first.

A My Hero Academia OVA game for 4 UA Students looking to prove themselves to their peers.

Snapped Back
LARP by Paul Anthony Shortt
Not everyone was welcomed back after Bruce Banner used the Infinity Stones. Five years is a long time. Spouses have moved on. Children have grown up in foster care. Homes have been sold. Job positions filled. And then there’s the ones we lost indirectly.

In conjunction with Stark Industries and local governments, the UN has established facilities to help the Returned adjust to their new lives. At one such facility, a collection of people wait for processing. They’re scared, alone, and they want answers. The only problem is, not all of them came back the same.

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Saturday 10am-1pm

The Dead at Dahlfield : RPG, My Hero Academia: Children and their Dolls RPG, Snapped Back : LARP