RPGs & LARPs Saturday 10pm


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Online Sales are closed, however Tickets are still available at the door all weekend!

Saturday 10am-1pm

Decaying Orbit
RPG by James Lloyd-Jones
There’s a lot of junk in the upper atmosphere – orphaned rocket segments, broken satellites, the detritus of early spaceflight. A shell of wreckage that must, eventually, confine us to Earth.

So you’ve got one of the hardest jobs, in the most hostile environment conceivable; eight months of orbital cleanup. The pay is amazing, assuming you make it back to the surface, but a lot can go wrong up there at the edge of the black.


Betrayal on the High Seas
RPG by Matthew Toner
A group of seafaring pirates are betrayed and left for dead by one of their own. As they set out in search of the individual who wronged them, they will soon discover that this tale of revenge will cost more than just gold.


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Saturday 10pm-1am

Decaying Orbit : RPG, Betrayal on the High Seas : RPG