RPGs & LARPs Sunday 10pm


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Online Sales are closed, however Tickets are still available at the door all weekend!

Sunday 10pm – 1am RPGs & LARPs.

Misery Station
RPG by Alan Marshall
At the edge of civilized space, the beacons of a darkened hull plead into the night sky. Built in another age, abandoned and forgotten, then restored and abandoned once more, a giant station carved into the side of a rogue planetoid squats light years outside of any solar system. Too large and too far away to maintain economically and in too poor a location to be of any strategic importance, it is of no honest value to any of the great powers. The station teeters forever on the edge of failure, maintained by a sea of wretched inhabitants who have no way of escape.

The United earth coalition, newcomers to the stars and under interstellar embargo due to their underdeveloped status, have sent a salvage team to the station to steal as much technology as they can.

Only force of arms, wits and companions of like mind will see you through.

Welcome to Misery Station.


DIE: Goth Jumanji
RPG by Anthony O’Reilly
It’s been years since you’ve all seen each other. So much has changed, but the past is still sitting there, unspoken. So when Michael said “Hey, want to play a game for old time’s sake?”, everyone agreed.

“Remember that game from the 90s, the one that got in the news after being blamed for those kids going missing? They said all the copies were destroyed, but I managed to get my hands on one.”

Michael pulled out a black box, and we all got to work on character creation. Once we got into it, the years fell away and we started to talk to each other the way we used to, digging up old jokes and sharing memories of characters past. Why did we stop doing this, anyway?

“Okay, so now we pick up our class dice and…”


Michael smiled.

“I always get that wrong, the word is “Die”, isn’t it?”


What Lies in the Deep
LARP by Jack Carey
We messed up. The signs were there and we didn’t listen. The Thaw didn’t wipe humanity out but it came damn close, melting the ice caps and drowning most of the world. We survived but Earth is a much scarier place now.

Things changed after the Thaw. Things science couldn’t explain. Magic, mutation, undead corpses, and other monsters, all seeking to finish what the Thaw started. You want to survive, you stick to the Shallows and hope those dangers don’t come to you. And no place is safer right now than the city you are currently living in.

Welcome to Hell

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Sunday 10pm-1am

Misery Station : RPG, DIE: Goth Jumanji : RPG, What Lies in the Deep : LARP