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Online Sales are closed, however Tickets are still available at the door all weekend!

Sunday 6pm – 9pm RPGs & LARPs.

RWBY: Irregular Insurgency
RPG by Paddy Roche & Lydia Dutton
Several of Beacon Academy’s brightest students (i.e. the names that came out of the raffle) have the privilege of attending the Prince Festival of a breathtaking place. An incredible example of cross-country cooperation, the city of Meteopolis flies high above the clouds over Atlas’ mountains. While many have heard of the touristy-sounding “Earthly Heaven”, an actual visit is incredibly rare and wonderful. That’s the sentimental crap used to fill out school reports. The students’ focus is on the scramble to be the city’s “Princess” elected at the Festival. The Princess represents the whole city… and is showered in glory!

That would have been a wonderful trip. On arrival day, a strange signal hit the airwaves. Communication with the outside was cut off. That’s when the message was announced. The “Irregular Forces” had seized control of Metopolis. All of its government and sabotaged military forces were to leave the city to its new masters. Now these aspiring Huntresses and Hunters are hostages in an incredibly dangerous situation. With the teachers meant to arrive later in the day, they have no choice but to fight to reopen the city. It’s the only chance of rescue they have.

A RWBY Tabletop game for 4 students vying for the “Princess” crown of a floating city.


The Cost of War
RPG by Daniel Adams
Amman V. Once a glittering luxury planet of hotels, spas and scintillating arcologies. A playground for wealthy corporate execs owned by the wealthy al-Khatib royal family. Now a warzone, invaded by alien creatures no living thing has encountered in hundreds of thousands of years, who have been awakened by greed and ambition and are set to consume this world and beyond. All that stands between them and the evacuating population is the beleaguered Royal Guard. Well, and you of course. Hot-shot pilots in the latest megacorp battleframes, you *were* participating in ARMEX, the biggest military dick-measuring contest in the galaxy. Now you are assisting the evacuation for “”fun and profit””. Some might call it noble. You call it networking.

An improved custom game of Mech combat for 5 ace pilots. Rated T for teens.


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Sunday 6pm-9pm

RWBY: Irregular Insurgency : RPG, The Cost of War : RPG