RPG and Larp Blurbs – Friday!

Friday Evening
7pm - 10pm
Novus Ordo Seculorum
by Graham Turner & Andrew Coffey
GUBU: Electile Dysfunction
by Baz Nugent
Friday Night
11pm - 2am
Something Horrid Comes This Way
by Matty
It Takes A Village
by Fergal Keenan

Friday Evening: 7pm – 10pm


Larp: Novus Ordo Seculorum

The old ways have been swept aside, the nature of Magick, of reality itself has been changed. Chaos and Order stand balanced for the first time since the world was made. Ancient spells fray and unravel. The impossible becomes possible. The Old Orders of Magick stand poised on the brink of triumph or disaster. The forest of Rhuul, meeting place and heard of the Convocation of the Five Pointed Star, is no more, Gone, perished in Soulfire, called down by the Lich Lord of Leng , it’s destruction has undone the bonds that held the Orders together. A New Covenant must be formed, a new concord. Forged in the shadow of the terrible war with the nightmare city of Leng, the wizards of the world must put aside their feuds and quarrels, and set in stone a New Convocation for a new age. The year is 1899. The place is London, England, at the exclusive Golden Magus club on the Strand. There, the mightiest mages of the age must gather, and shape the fate of the world. As the new age comes to a close, and a new one dawns, how will you choose? Take up your staff and make the world anew.

A Convocation of the Five Pointed Star larp by Graham Turner and Andrew Coffey for 18 – 24 players.

Rating: Everyone

Tags: Magic. Fantasy. 19th Century.


RPG – GUBU: Electile Dysfunction

It seems as if there’s only two possible explanations for the mess the country is in. Either,  A) our political class is wildly corrupt, or B) there’s a giant money hole where all the Celtic Tiger wealth has trickled down and pooled. The latter makes so much more sense. Of course it does, sure didn’t one of the Brothers Healy-Rae-Von Daniken say so?

Think of the impossible treasure that could be there! Gold! Gems! The deeds to a house in South County Dublin! 

But who’d be brave enough to go dungeon diving under Leinster House – Given what comes out of their mouthes, imagine what get’s flushed into the sewers? 

Sure, it’s up to the GUBU Water Safety, Clean Air and Smaug Prevention taskforce to go root around for loose change in that there sofa the size of Liberty Hall!

GUBU: Sure t’is good for you!

A Garda Unit for the Bizarre and Unprecedented game for between 1 and 8 players by that Nuge fella

Tags: Police. Investigation. Comedy.

Rating: Mature.


Friday Night 11pm – 2am


Larp: Dublin Dark Heresy LARP Society presents: Something Horrid Comes This Way

All Hallows’ Eve is upon us. The one night a year when the veil between our realm & that of Chaos is at its thinnest. When Gods & Deamons alike can cross over & feed. Where power can be given or taken. & such power is paid for in souls.  But those poor souls collected to pay your entry into immortality have escaped Now, that the appointed hour has arrived & the demons are at the door, who will died so that others can gain?

A Black Crusade LARP for 12 – 16 players by Matty.

Rating: Mature

Tags: High fantasy. Sci-Fi. Murder.


RPG: It Takes A Village

Welwick-upon-Thorp is a lovely little village, you’re just passing through but it’s a very nice place.  It has Neighborhood Watch association meetings and a Womens Institute group and the whole place is just very lovely.  Lovely Indeed.  They’re so friendly to visitors too, though they seem quite eager to move you along.  You can’t help but notice there’s something odd about this place, like the silence in the countryside … or how everyone seems to smile all the time…or the look they get when you mention staying the night.

A home brew game 4 – 5 players by Feargal Keenan.

Rating: Teen

Tags: Horror. Fantasy.