RPG and Larp blurbs – Monday!

Monday Morning
11am - 2pm
Supernatural Family Ties: Who Am I?
by Dudley Martin and Andrew Coffey
Night in the building of historical significance
by Nathan Lennon
Monday Afternoon
3pm - 6pm
Tales of Toholon - The Thirty-Fourth Ogomo
by Shane Carr and Aidan Marsh
Parks and Planes: A Mundane Adventure in the Humdrum World of Earth.
by Gavin John Walsh
The City Watch needs You!
by Hannah B

(Polite time travel reminder)

Monday Morning 11am – 2pm

Larp – Supernatural Family Ties: Who Am I?

Located in the small town of Benson in upstate New York, the Nathan Williams House has been documented for a rather grisly murder/suicide in 1961 and as a site of a series of ghastly hauntings that have driven out all families who have tried to live there afterwards.  While the house has fallen into disrepair, its legend lives on to challenge new groups of paranormal investigators and those who seek to prove their bravery. But over the past decade the house has been boarded up and entry has been denied. But fortunately the popular web series ‘Fear Finders’ has been able to work out a deal with the owners and are providing a special opportunity. In association with CamperCon there have been a number of tickets auctioned off for a unique challenge.  The doors of the house will be opened for one night and the recipients of tickets will be allowed to spend the night in this heavily haunted house.  If they are successful and ‘survive’ the night, there is a cash prize of $1000 for each survivor (courtesy of ‘Fear Finders’). Log on to ‘Fear Finders’ tonight as they live stream this challenge and introduce you to the brave challengers of the Nathan Williams House.

A freeform Supernatural LARP by Dudley Martin and Andrew Coffey for 12 – 24 players

Rating: Mature

Tags: Supernatural TV Show. Horror. Investigative. Freeform.


RPG: Night in the building of historical significance

Looking for: Night security guard for Littlefield Museum of History

Littlefield Museum is in need of a new team of security guards to help protect our cities most prized historical positions. Applicants must be professional, a love for history, have at least two years’ experience in security or museum work, and be flexible for hours.

For more information or to apply please contact John Rosewater at 0876647672

A security job at night in a museum? How easy could a job be? I mean what’s the worst that could happen?

Not for the faint hearted this game will force players to the limit of their sanity and then ask them to jump. Will you be there to greet the morning staff with a smile on your face or will you ever smile again?

A game for 2-6 players by Nathan Lennon.

Rating: Teen

Tags: Horror. Investigation.


Monday Afternoon 3pm  – 6pm

Larp: Tales of Toholon – The Thirty-Fourth Ogomo

Median Ogomo, Thirty-Third of that name, has fallen in combat, defending his honor to the last. Yet in this time of crisis, the Ogomo clan cannot be leaderless. Tokugawa needs us to choose her destiny, to be the deciding force stood between the Loyalists and the Patriots, between Peaceful Contentment and National Power. Our wealth, our skill, our honor, must be placed in a single figure, our pillar of strength to bear the weight of the country’s problems, paramount and plebeian. The next Lord or Lady Ogomo must be chosen, to take up the Ogomo-Ken and lead Tokugawa through the flames of civil war into the future.

A Tales of Toholon LARP for 12 – 18 players by Shane Carr and Aiden Marsh.
Rating: Everyone.
Tags: Steampunk. Political.


RPG – Parks and Planes: A Mundane Adventure in the Humdrum World of Earth.

You have been called by the Grand Artificer but this time not for some quest or adventure but to experiment with a new magical device of his, something called a “Roleplaying Game”. He promises that it will be a way of escaping your realm and enter another full of “cars” and “electricity”. You have seen how powerful an artificer he is but can’t help feel that even this is beyond his ability although you have been working hard killing dragons and stopping evil cults and you deserve a break from your mundane day to day…

A Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition adventure for 3-5 players by Gavin John Walsh.

Rating: Teen.

Tags: Fantasy. Real world. Adventure.


RPG: The City Watch needs You!

The Ankh Morpork city watch needs men! But when the recruitment drive went out, they didn’t get men. They got you. A talking dog ( don’t be silly, dogs don’t talk ), a goblin ( apparently they’re people now ), a vampire ( the captain isn’t happy about that one ), and a woman ( who apparently aren’t men ? ). I guess it’ll have to do, because the city is nearing a riot, and the wizards may have gotten us all into deeper trouble than usual.

A Savage Worlds game for 4 – 6 players by Hannah B.

Rating: E
Tags: Discworld. Terry Pratchett. City Watch. Fantasy.