RPG and Larp Blurbs – Saturday!

Saturday Morning
11am - 2pm
No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
by Aonghus Collins, Michelle Haward
& Shane Ronan
Scooby Doo Mystery Inc: Tale of the fishy story
by Matty
The Gnomes
by Nick Whyte
Blooded In
by Cian Scattergood
Saturday Afternoon
3pm - 6pm
Higher Powers Issue #24: Capitol Punishment
by Team Higher Powers
Return To Scuttlebutt Island
by Padraic Barret
The Brothers Two
by Tadeusz Cantwell
And You Will Know Him… -
by Gerry McEvoy
Saturday Evening
7pm - 10pm
by Hannah B and Dillon Rooney.
Tropic Kill 4: Hollow Point Quarter
by Baz Nugent
Blood and Iron: A Trick of the Light
by Dudley Martin
Fallen London; The Great Northern Expedition
Saturday Night
11pm - 2am
Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit: Slampocalypse!
by Patrick Rush
Suffer The Little Children
by James Lloyd Jones
Trauma Team
by Dillon Rooney


Saturday Morning 11am – 2pm


Larp: No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

“…don’t forget to tune in and join me on Saturday where I’ll be reporting live from the opening of Horizon’s newest community outreach program, Daily Bread! We’ll be getting our hands dirty in the Redmond barrens from 12 o clock Pacific, helping out those poor unfortunates who can’t help themselves. 

And hey, if you’re one of our regular barrens viewers, why not drop down in person? Because whoever said there’s no such thing as a free lunch, clearly hasn’t heard of Horizon.

Now here’s Tom with the weather”

A LARP in the Shadowrun setting for 15 – 20 players by Aonghus Collins, Michelle Haward & Shane Ronan

Rating: T for Teen
Tags: cyberpunk dystopia; class struggle


RPG – Scooby Doo Mystery Inc: Tale of the fishy story

The world famous fishing town, Outsmith, is hold its 54th annual ‘Biggest Fish Wins’ tournament, & you know that means, gang. . . all you can eat buffets, some top-notch fishing traps &, knowing your luck, a mystery to solve!

A d20 Scooby Doo game for 5 players by Matty.

Rating: Teen

Tags: Spooky. Silly. A spot of mystery solving.


RPG: The Gnomes

Life isn’t idyllic for a tribe of forest gnomes but it’s …well life. There’s ups and downs. You live somewhere beautiful and things are ok …mostly. But you live in the north and it’s almost winter. The tribe is mostly ready to move to the winter grazing grounds … but Blec the tribal sorcerer’s latest apprentice is missing and his mum is getting worried… he was babbling about some magic artefact that negates the effects of wild magic he saw in a vision – that was three days ago

A Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition game for 4 – 6 players by Nick Whyte.

Rating: E for Everyone
Tags: Fantasy. Combat.


RPG: Blooded In

Life is hard. And well, some people just don’t like the nine to five grind. We can all relate. Others chose the cubicle lifestyle, but not you. You’ve decided to live on the fringes of society. But life on the fringe is tough, and few can survive for long without making friends. So you’ve done what all the scum do and joined a boostergang.

Well, tonight’s your big night. It’s time for you to get blooded in.

A cyberpunk 2020 game for 4-5 players by Cian Scattergood. Tags: Cyberpunk. Future.


Saturday Afternoon 3pm – 6pm

Larp: Higher Powers Issue #24: Capitol Punishment 

This is a NEWS 360 exclusive, giving you LIVE coverage from Washington DC. The Supreme Court is abuzz today as Parahuman crime boss Reverend Brunswick is brought to his first day of trial under armed escort. Not since Diehard has there been such a keen interest in the prosecution of a Super Powered individual, with some of the worlds keenest and most influential minds in attendance the court house is thick with anticipation. Security is at an all time high as well with rumors circulating that the Reverend is set to make a plea bargain with some world shaking news. Our sources, however, confirm that a 50 million dollar hit has been placed on his head so the question remains: will he survive to say his piece?

A Super Powered LARP for 6 New & 25 Returning Players

RPG: Return to Scuttlebutt Island

Dipper, Mabel, Wendy and Grunkle Stan have joined Soos on the maiden voyage of the S.S. Cool Dude II, rebuilt after being wrecked during the ill-fated search for the legendary Gobblewonker of Lake Gravity Falls. Unfortunately for the Mystery Shack crew, their leisure cruise comes to an abrupt end when a freak storm drives their boat onto the rocks surrounding Scuttlebutt Island and they are forced to abandon ship.

What mysteries does Scuttlebutt Island hold? Will the S.S. Cool Dude II sail again? Do beavers hold a grudge? Answers to all these questions and more lie within…


A Ghostbusters RPG game for 3 – 5 players by Padraic Barret.

Rating: E
Tags: Mystery Adventure



RPG: Brothers Two

In the war ravaged state of Ostland which took the brunt of the Chaos invasion. A group of young starving survivors have been invited by old man Matthias, into his large empty house, to farm the land. He regales them with slightly odd tales of his two sons, the troublesome, dour, Aeson and the handsome, and fair Josiah. Then, one evening, two figures arrive on horseback, one, his face almost burned away, topped with blonde hair, the other dark haired and smiling jovially. The war has come home.

A Zweihander game for 4 – 6 players by Tadeusz Cantwell.

Rating: Teen

Tags: Fantasy. Investigative. Horror 


RPG: And you will know him……

50 years after necromantic magic appeared and the ensuing
zombie apocalypse,humanity has gotten it’s act together. The remaining
cities are walled and fenced, the sentient undead are taxpaying
citizens and the organisation that protects humanity from the hostile
undead, The Morticians, are widely considered a drain on resources
The source of necromantic magic however still remains a mystery
despite decades of research.
The city of Seattle is controlled by a powerful necromancer.whose
minions kill anything living that tries to enter.
The Morts have put you on a team of undead to go see if it has any answers…

A Morts (Fate Core) game for 4 – 6 players by Legendgerry.
Rating: Teen
Tags: Post apocalyptic. Undead investigators.


Saturday Evening 7pm – 10pm

Larp: Crossroads

You thought that when the zombies came, you would be ready for them. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. We all have at one point. We’ve all had those late night conversations, and we all thought we’d be one of those who survive.

But we didn’t know then, that surviving was only the beginning. The worst part, worse than the zombies was yet to come. The long winter, the food shortages, the rising tempers, those can be more dangerous than the zombies themselves.

Can you work together to survive the dead of winter?

A homebrew LARP inspired by the Dead of Winter boardgame for 15 – 20 players by Hannah B and Dillon Rooney.
Rating: E
Tags: Dead of winter. Survival. Zombies.


RPG – Tropic Kill 4: Hollow Point Quarter

It takes a lot to make mercenaries like Dog Company do a job pro bono. Paying a madman with an 800 kiloton nuke, in exchange for erasing you and and an entire city off the map? That’ll put the Sultan of Kazarawad right at the top of Dog Company’s list for dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

When you’re a well armed and morally flexible mercenary company whose stock and trade is taking good money to do bad things, revenge is a dish best served hot from the business end of a gun barrel. But even that might not be enough to take down an absolute monarch of a police state. So it’s time to bring out the biggest guns, fastest cars, and add Insultan’ to Injury.

Pack Light. Pack Light 50.

A Savage Worlds Game for 4-6 mercs by Baz Nugent.

Rating: M

Tags: Action adventure. Revenge thriller.


RPG – Blood and Iron: A Trick of the Light

The year is 1864.  The rescued Britannian intelligence agent has dire news.  The Prussian Thaumaturgical Academy is working for some dire underworld power. With that power they seek control of dark magiks to continue the fight for control of Europa. But all is not yet lost.  Deep within the locked archives of the Academy library there lies a Grimoire, the Ars Theurgia Appollyonicus.  You must venture into the dark heart of Prussian Thaumaturgy and retrieve it.  Within it lies information needed to combat not only the Prussian Thaumaturges, but clues as to what or whom controls them. The fate of the Empire and all of its people lie within your hands.  Are you ready?

A Modified Victoriana 1st edition game for 3 – 8 players by Dudley Martin.

Rating: Teen

Tags: Steampunk, Historical, Investigative, Mad Science, Lovecraftian elements


RPG: Fallen London; The Great Northern Expedition.

Thirty Years ago, London was stolen by bats. That has rather put a damper on Her Enduring Majesty’s imperial ambitions, and the few colonies the city has been able to build on the great unterzee beneath the surface of the Earth are rather beset on all sides by general ne’er do wells. It is because of this that the Foreign Office has commissioned you! Yes you, indeed! To take part in a great expedition into the uncharted North of the Unterzee and find new lands for the Empire to Civilise. Don’t worry about no one ever returning, Because you might! At the very least it’s better than risking being eaten by Tigers, Enslaved by Devils or Brutally murdered by Madmen, Anarchists or the Khanate.*

*The foreign office cannot guarantee that NORTH is preferable to any of these things.

An RPG Based on the Stories of Fallen London for 4-6 players by Xander Cosgrave.

Rating: Teen

Tags: Lovecraftian Horror. Imperialism.





Saturday Night 11pm – 2am

Larp: Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit: Slampocalypse!

It’s the biggest event of the PWEC calendar! All the biggest names in professional wrestling are on the main stage tonight as championships, honour, and glory are on the line. Everything that has happened this year has been building up to this and you can bet that the wrestling will be the best you’ve seen all year! Get ready for Slaaaaaaaaampocalypse!

(Previous wrestling knowledge not needed to enjoy the game)

A homebrew LARP for 14 – 18 players by Padraig O’Ruis.
Rating: T for Teen
Tags: Theatrical. Wrestling. Over-the-top. Larger than life.


RPG: Suffer The Little Children.

Ireland. 1965. The Taoiseach met his counterpart from the north this year. We entered the Eurovision. They’ve started saying Mass in English. That’s the one that matters to you, the one that affects life in St. Joseph’s Industrial School. Otherwise, nothing changes, here – the uniforms are still drab, the days are still long, and the brothers no less cruel. It’s a cold October, and you stood in the wind until your teeth chattered while they lowered James Fitzgibbon in the hard ground. There’ll be no talking back to Father Murphy now. Not while you can still hear Jimmy screaming at night.

A Chronicles of Darkness game for 4-5 players by James Lloyd Jones.

Players should be advised that this game deals with subject matters that may disturb some players.
Rating: M for Mature
Tags: Horror. Investigation. Historical


RPG: Trauma Team

Most people think of Trauma Team as a handy, if expensive, get-out-of-death-free card.
But you know how much effort and skill is necessary to provide the service.

You could be making more money on the streets, as an edgerunner with no way to contact your employers.

Or be safer on the front lines, as a soldier dodging tanks and artillery.

But for whatever reason, you’re stuck here, dragging critically injured idiots out of firefights, bringing them back from the brink of death, and shipping them off to hospital.

A Cyberpunk 2020 game for 3 – 5 players by Dillon Rooney.
Rating: M
Tags: Cyberpunk. Trauma Team.