RPG and Larp Blurbs – Sunday!

Sunday Morning
11am - 2pm
Higher Powers: Issue #25: Champagne Supernova
by Team Higher Powers
By The Trail of The Undead
by Gerry McEvoy
Midway: Run For The Hills
by Team Midway
Sunday Afternoon
3pm - 6pm
#Feminism Nano-Games: Speed Larping for Fun and Profit
facilitated by Sarah Hoover and Hannah B
Unwanted Attentions
by James Lloyd Jones
Ride along
by Cian Scattergood
-Gateway to the spires by Nick Whyte
Sunday Evening
7pm - 10pm
Star Wars, Tales of The Old Republic, The Mandalorian Wars
by Xander Cosgrave
Supernatural: Family Ties - With a Side of Butter
by Dudley Martin
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel
by Dillon Rooney
Sunday Night
11pm - 2am
Progress Rolls Ever Forward!
by Matty
The Last Will and Testament of Dr. Ramsey St. John.
by Frances McQuillan and Robert Fox

Sunday Morning 11am – 2pm


Larp: Higher Powers: Issue #25: Champagne Supernova

“Well, my friends, we’ve reached a new milestone. Six years of research into the Paradigm Event and the UN and Tetrasoft have finally seen the fruits of our labor. We all know whatever caused all those people to get super powers came from space but we are still in the dark as to how or why. Intelligent design? Random chance? My money’s on the latter but I can’t prove it… yet. Regardless, we are having a party in Russia’s Special Astrophysical Observatory where the majority of the research on the Paradigm Event’s origins has been conducted, spearheaded by the UNESCO and Tetrasoft Research and Development Team of course. We will have important businessmen, high ranking officials and parahumans both affiliated with international organisations and freelance, all coming to see what we have to say about how this all started. It’s a time of celebration and opportunity, my fellow scientists, and I hope we can make the most of it.”

 A Super Powered LARP for 6 New & 25 Returning Players

RPG: By the Trail Of The Undead

50 years after necromantic magic appeared and the ensuing zombie
apocalypse,humanity has gotten it’s act together. The remaining cities
are walled and fenced, the sentient undead are taxpaying citizens and
the organisation that protects humanity from the hostile undead, The
Morticians, are widely considered a drain on resources
A team of Morticians that infiltrated the undead city of Seattle has
radioed in. apparently the apocalypse was just the start of humanities

You’re part of hastily assembled team that is being dispatched deep
into the apocalyptic wasteland to confirm or deny the threats
existence and stop it if possible.

A Morts (Fate Core) game for 4 – 6 players by Gerry McEvoy.
Rating: Teen
Tags: Post apocalyptic. Adventure.


RPG: Midway: Run for the Hills.

You were there when Midway fell, you were offered a choice between the Enclave & the Envoy, between safety in hiding or joining the very people responsible for Midway’s ruin. You have a group of . . . well let’s call them friends, who decided on another path & chose to head to Haven.

Now as you try to outrun the madness that follows you need to avoid the Bandits, the Cannibals & the Shamblers that lie between you and the lights of Haven. It’ll be a dangerous journey and if your luck holds out then you should get there in one piece.

A Savage Worlds game for 4 – 6 players by Team Midway.
Rating: M

Tags: Post-Apocalyptic. Furious Combat.


Sunday Afternoon 3pm – 6pm

#Feminism Nano-Games: Speed Larping for Fun and Profit

You’re a cis guy listening to an argument. A Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Part of
a professional’s brain trying to decide when/if she should wear lipstick. A rocket
engineer. Malala’s sister. Yourself, coming up with new words for… things you
think you can’t say. Every 30 minutes you’re in a new game, and they all have
something to explore about feminist issues. 3-5 players per game, come and go
as you like. Some games are mechanicky, some are narrative, some are angry,
comedic, or thoughtful. Or all that. Written by larpwriters from across the globe.

A series of short, Freeform LARPs for 3 – 30 players facilitated by Hannah  and Sarah Hoover.

Rating: T
Tags: All the tags. Speed-larping. Various styles. Various settings. Nano games.


RPG: Unwanted Attentions

The title of this game doesn’t tell you much, and neither does the system, so you glance down to the blurb to try and make sense of it. Then you realize your actions are being narrated by a soothing voice on the radio, and an eerie sense of deja vu washes over you; like the feeling of seeing a person in their twenties that reminds you of the you that you could have been. If only you’d made other choices. If only those choices had felt fair. If only you could have rolled some dice and known the odds were stacked in your favour.

Before you’ve really thought about it, you’re reaching for your wallet.

Welcome to Night Vale.

A FATE: Accelerated game for 4 – 5 players by James Lloyd Jones.

Rating: T for Teen
Tags: Black comedy. Investigation. Homage. Nightvale.


RPG – Titansgrave: Gateway to the spires 

You police this city. Vorakis is  the last city before the broken spire mountans and the ruins of the saurian empire. You’ve seen it all or at least you thought you had. but you haven’t seen anything like this. it isn’t just the grizzly nature of the murders. Its the fear on the streets, The way it seeps from the pores of the city to bathe the populace in terror. This isn’t bad it’s evil. It’s almost like the prophet Dhwawn is coming back somehow and everyone can feel it in their bones.
You have to stop these murders at any cost if only to keep the lady from changing into the lord…because if that happens there won’t be a sense of wandering dread. Rivers of blood will run in the streets to wash the murderer away.

A Fantasy A.G.E. game for 4 – 6 players by Nick Whyte.
Rating: M for Mature
Tags: Science Fantasy. Investigative.


RPG: Ride along

As a roaming pack of bikers you’re often asked to run errands between Septs. But when the Alpha of the Sept of the Green in New York calls you to attend a meeting, you know it’s going to be a bigger errand than usual. And you’re not disappointed. The Bone Gnawers have successfully founded a new Caern in Freehold and whatever it is you’re delivering, it’s important. It may be a good way to get a favour or two from some influential figures, and it sounds easy enough.

But is anything ever easy?

A Werewolf the Apocalypse: game for 4-5 players by Cian Scattergood

Rating: Teen.

Tags: Werewolf. World of Darkness. Supernatural.



Sunday Evening 7pm – 10pm

Larp: Star Wars, Tales of The Old Republic, The Mandalorian Wars.

The Old Republic has been living in a golden age of peace, or at least it mostly was right up until the Mandalorians started to tear through the Outer Rim. Local Resistance has been piecemeal and the juggernaut that is the Mandalorian offensive seems unstoppable. The Senate, Beacon of Democracy that it is, is completely bound up in bureaucracy and completely incapable of action. But you are not the senate, you are more than the water pump politicians sent off to Coruscant, and you will do everything you can to stop the destruction of the Republic.

A Star Wars LARP set in the Old Republic era for 8-14 players by Xander Cosgrave.

Rating: Teen
Tags: Political. Sci-fi. Star Wars.


RPG – Supernatural: Family Ties – With a Side of Butter

Sometimes adventures come from the most unlikely of places.  Squamport island, Maine is a remote provider of seafood and celebrates this bounty with a Lobster festival every September. One of the highlights of the festival is the all you can eat lobster challenge.  Franko has been dared by Ollie and Bran to take part in this event.  So you are on your way to Maine to enjoy some time off and to potentially watch Franko make himself sick.  So put on your bibs, melt that butter and get your shell crackers ready! Oh, did you really think you were going to have a quiet vacation? They say that Lobsters are immortal and when left to roam free continue to age and grow in size. Well they have taken offense to the reaping of their kin and are looking for a bit of payback for the generations consumed. Congratulations you and the town are now on the menu. All the best!

Allergy Warning: Shellfish

A modified Supernatural RPG by Dudley Martin. The Writers table will be a multi-gm 12 player game. Subsequent tables will be 5 player. 

Rating: Teen
Tags: Supernatural TV show. Horror. Teenage shenanigans.


RPG: Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel


You can run but you can’t hide from the Batman.

No matter what you do, he can’t be stopped, can’t be killed, can’t be reasoned with.

You had him trapped once, everyone does, nearly killed him too, but he escaped moments before it was too late. He always does, and foils your plans.
The joker has broken you out of prison once again, but this time will be different.
He can’t be everywhere at once. If you work together, this time you might actually accomplish something. Or at least that’s what you’ll tell the others.

A FATE/FUDGE homebrew variant for 4 – 6 players by Dillon Rooney.
Rating: E
Tags: 60’s Batman. Villain Protagonists.


Sunday Night 11pm – 2am

The Dublin Dark Heresy Society presents: Progress Rolls Ever Forward!

All aboard the maiden voyage of the Caedes Express. The rain line that Planetary Governor Sulfur has worked so hard to complete is now ready to whisk you between the seven cities, in the height of luxury. No longer will you have to travel the roads, like a commoner. With the ever present fear of bandits & bad weather inconveniencing you. Now, style & comfort are all just a single ticket away. Join us, won’t you, on this night to remember.

A Dark Heresy LARP for 12 – 16 players by Matty.
Rating: Teen

Tags: High fantasy Sci-Fi & Investigation


RPG: The Last Will and Testament of Dr. Ramsey St. John.

“Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that you are to receive this. Our dear friend and cousin, Dr. Ainsley Marcus Ramsay St.John, has taken ill with a terrible case of consumption. He fears that his life is soon to draw to a close, and so calls together his closest friends and family for a final meal before he draws his last, and to discuss the execution of his will, while he is in a fit state to do so – the date of this event will be the 30th of October.

Please dress accordingly for a feast which Dr. Ramsay St.John happily lays at his guests’ feet. We hope to see you then, for an evening that we guarantee will not be unpleasant.

Best Regards,
Martha McCardle,
Head Maid and Steward”

A  horror game written for 4-6 players by Frances McQuillan and Robert Fox.

Rating: Mature

Tags: Horror.