RPG & LARP Timetable

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Just the Larps please!

Below you’ll see our timetable!

Friday Evening
7pm - 10pm
Novus Ordo Seculorum
by Graham Turner & Andrew Coffey
GUBU: Electile Dysfunction
by Baz Nugent
Friday Night
11pm - 2am
Something Horrid Comes This Way
by Matty
It Takes A Village
by Fergal Keenan
Saturday Morning
11am - 2pm
No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
by Aonghus Collins, Michelle Haward
& Shane Ronan
Scooby Doo Mystery Inc: Tale of the fishy story
by Matty
The Gnomes
by Nick Whyte
Blooded In
by Cian Scattergood
Saturday Afternoon
3pm - 6pm
Higher Powers Issue #24: Capitol Punishment
by Team Higher Powers
Return To Scuttlebutt Island
by Padraic Barret
The Brothers Two
by Tadeusz Cantwell
And You Will Know Him… -
by Gerry McEvoy
Saturday Evening
7pm - 10pm
by Hannah B and Dillon Rooney.
Tropic Kill 4: Hollow Point Quarter
by Baz Nugent
Blood and Iron: A Trick of the Light
by Dudley Martin
Fallen London; The Great Northern Expedition
Saturday Night
11pm - 2am
Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit: Slampocalypse!
by Patrick Rush
Suffer The Little Children
by James Lloyd Jones
Trauma Team
by Dillon Rooney
Sunday Morning
11am - 2pm
Higher Powers: Issue #25: Champagne Supernova
by Team Higher Powers
By The Trail of The Undead
by Gerry McEvoy
Midway: Run For The Hills
by Team Midway
Sunday Afternoon
3pm - 6pm
#Feminism Nano-Games: Speed Larping for Fun and Profit
facilitated by Sarah Hoover and Hannah B
Unwanted Attentions
by James Lloyd Jones
Ride along
by Cian Scattergood
-Gateway to the spires by Nick Whyte
Sunday Evening
7pm - 10pm
Star Wars, Tales of The Old Republic, The Mandalorian Wars
by Xander Cosgrave
Supernatural: Family Ties - With a Side of Butter
by Dudley Martin
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel
by Dillon Rooney
Sunday Night
11pm - 2am
Progress Rolls Ever Forward!
by Matty
The Last Will and Testament of Dr. Ramsey St. John.
by Frances McQuillan and Robert Fox
Monday Morning
11am - 2pm
Supernatural Family Ties: Who Am I?
by Dudley Martin and Andrew Coffey
Night in the building of historical significance
by Nathan Lennon
Monday Afternoon
3pm - 6pm
Tales of Toholon - The Thirty-Fourth Ogomo
by Shane Carr and Aidan Marsh
Parks and Planes: A Mundane Adventure in the Humdrum World of Earth.
by Gavin John Walsh
The City Watch needs You!
by Hannah B