RPG & LARP Timetable

RPGs and LARPs will be a major part of Gaelcon as it is every year.

Check out the Pathfinder Society timetable and blurbs here

RPGs & LARPs - Friday

 Evening (7-10)Night (11-2)
RPG1Help Wanted!Sixguns and Sorcery: Heists on Rails
RPG2Humanitys DepthsIn Darkness Truth is Found
RPG3Star Trek: Tantalus Reach
LARPBeyond The Final Frontier

RPGs & LARPs - Saturday

 Morning (11-2)Afternoon (3-6)Evening (7-10)Night(11-2)
RPG1Blood and Iron: The Price of Salt pt1Murder Hobos: CSI ImmortalsTropic Kill V: Dog Day AfterburnUntitled Project at the Imperium
RPG2HungerAshen FootprintsThe Tomb of Grigor AmakiirRepo
RPG3Men Of ViolenceLady of The HouseFracture Points
LARPTales of ToholonBlood and Iron: The Price of Salt pt2Two TruthsIn the Court of The Dragon Emperor

RPGs & LARPs - Sunday

 Morning (11-2)Afternoon (3-6)Evening (7-10)Night (11-2)
RPG1Cassette BoyWork Experience, a RWBY RPGLoan WolvesThe Aquila Child
RPG2Hope And Virtue: Dog TrapThe Sun God Must DieTerminalMean Streets Of Illim
RPG3A Day at The RacesOff The RailsNo Rest For Dead Men
LARPCity of No FlagConcordia HominemDublin Dark Heresy Society presents; It's only murder if you get caughtPro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit: Slampocalypse 2!

RPGs & LARPs - Monday

 Morning (11-2)Afternoon (3-6)
RPG1Fear the Old BloodThe Doubles
RPG2Pyramids of Gold
RPG3Fey Earth: The Lost of Ballinacoll
LARPThe Court of The Mad KingJupiter Trials


And now for the Blurbs

Friday Evening


By Rowland Cooper

Rating: R

System: 5th Ed

Players:  6


Pay bands dependant on individual skills and capabilities.
37.5 hrs/week shiftwork with opportunity for overtime

Due to recent and upcoming expansion, opportunities have arisen for versatile workers within the Henchmen Department of the Ramdorn branch of the Evil League of Evil. This is an excellent time to join our organisation as the past year has seen us expand far beyond our competitors. Duties will include:
– Regular patrolling and guarding
– Trap setting
– Use of physical force if necessary
– Occasional cleaning
– Kitchen duty

Leadership skills desirable; unerring devotion to one’s Overlord is mandatory. Experience preferable but not essential; on the job training given as needed. Armour and weapons provided on an ad-hoc basis as availability allows.

MAGIC USERS: please specify your abilities in the designated section of the application form. Please note that you may be interviewed separately to other applicants and may be asked to demonstrate your powers.

Equality and Diversity; The Evil League of Evil is an equal opportunities employer and can accommodate workers from any and all races, species, disabilities, faiths, religions, genders and sexual orientations. Except elves. Elves need not apply. Please contact HR for more information.


(RPG) Humanitys Depths

By Paddy Roche

Rating: Teens

System: FATE

Players:  5


Humanity has long stood above the world of nature and beast. The stories of Gods and monsters from its days of weakness have long since passed. The greatest monsters in its world now are other men, those who fight for glory, wealth and fame. Kingdoms rally against each other in constant squabble, battles at the edge of war haunting every waking moment. To this world, the greatest threats lie not in the dark… only those already in the light. Such an incident occurs on the border of a small kingdom when bandits kidnap the daughter of a minor Lord. A friend sets out to rescue her, a kindhearted crook stumbles upon her, a mercenary was hired to track the bandits and a musician was along for the ride. These five will soon trundle towards those shadows… and fear the light that is cast upon them. A FATE game for five people stumbling through a medieval adventure beyond their imagination.



(RPG) Star Trek: Tantalus Reach

By Micheal Calnan

Rating: All Ages

System: Star Trek Adventures

Players:  5


“S.O.S. Broadcasting on all channels to all federation starships and anyone who can hear us. We are a federation science and survey team. Our ship was exploring this system and has suffered catastrophic damage. The captain and the command crew are dead. We are running out of time. We’ve erected an emergency forcefield but it’s failing. One more solar storm and we are all dead. If you can hear this message help us please!” Message Repeats in 3… 2… 1… “S.O.S.. Broadcasting on all channels to all federation starships…”


(LARP) Beyond The Final Frontier

By Feargal Keenan and Graham Turner

Rating: 18

System: Custom LARP System

Players:  16


To the Captain and crew of the Starship Illiad:


The continuing attacks from the Exterminata systems have been more severe of late. Many of the Six Systems frontier outposts have suffered greatly, and brining the fight to the enemy has proved impossible, due to our inability to access the wormholes their warships use in place of our FTL drives.


The S.S Illiad is our chance to change all that. Pride of the Special Projects Group, she is equipped with a captured wormhole drive. We need you to enter wormhole C183 and gather intelligence on the uncharted Exterminata systems beyond so that we can bring the fight to the enemy.


The drive is only good for a single jump there, and a single jump back. You are our last, best hope. Make it count.



Friday Night

(RPG) Sixguns and Sorcery: Heists on Rails

By Cael O’Toole

Rating: PG-13

System: DnD 5E

Players:  3-7


You and your compatriots all have your reasons to hate the elven crime boss Vol Drask, de-facto lord of the entertainment city Gran Sierra. As such, while a large portion of his fortune is being moved out of the city via train, your group will make off with it in one of the most daring heists this continent has ever seen. There will be magical traps, guards, and the danger of getting caught, but it’s nothing that seasoned and morally ambiguous adventurers (or outlaws) such as yourself can’t handle. Given the size of the prize, you may have some competition for the money, though….. A 7th level DnD 5E Rail Heist for 3-7 Players




(RPG) In Darkness Truth is Found

By Gavin Walsh

Rating: PG

System: Savage Worlds

Players:  4-6


Institute Case File #456B57


Operation “Pilotfish”


We have recieved intel that suggest the Atraxian Empire will invade the Boros system in ten days. Your mission is the retrieval of Subject 497 codename “Messiah” before that happens. Be warned we do not know the full extent of her abilities. We want her back alive and we want your presence to remain a secret to the Atraxians. Ensure this happens by any means necessary.


A black operation for 4 – 6 players set in the Science Fantasy world of the Faltering Expanse



Saturday Morning

(RPG) Blood and Iron: The Price of Salt (Part One)

By Dudley Martin

Rating: Teen

System: Modified Victoriana 1st Edition

Players:  3-5


The year is 1865 and all is not well with the Empire. The pirate Shào Yue and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom are attacking British interests and shipping in China and Southeast Asia. Their Tao Mages are able to defend against the power of the Empire’s steam powered arsenal. You have recruited a powerful Chinese sorcerer who can help against the Tao mages. His research has shown that the Tao Mages and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom have made a pact with the Patron of the South China Sea the Zhūlóng (Red Dragon King) , Ao Qin. This pact gives them the advantage of smoother sailing and better weather. This pact must be broken before we can start to fight against the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.



(RPG) Hunger

By Padraic Barrett

Rating: R

System: Chronicles Of Darkness

Players:  5


It finally happened. We drew too much attention to ourselves and now they’re here. They arrived when we least expected. Our world was weakened by wars against one another and we stopped watching the sky. That was their opportunity. They descended upon us and crippled what remained of the super-powers. There were no weapons left. We fought back, of course we did, and we took many with us, but their numbers were too great, weapons too strong, and they overwhelmed us. And thus, we learned their true intention. Food. We were their next food source. A large population with a short gestation time and fertile lands. We were perfect. But we have not given up yet. For 5 players.

Blurb by Tymora Freeman-Stannett; Game by Padraic Barrett



(RPG) Men Of Violence

By Aonghus Collins

Rating: Teen

System: Seventh Sea

Players:  5


“Please, Holy one, I beg you to reconsider this course of action. These are low men, murderers and worse if half the rumours are true. There must be another way to recover the item”, he implored. The older woman paused outside their destination to consider this, noting the corpses still in the street. Death hung in the air but still she stepped into the house. Inside a huge man was easing his blade from a corpse. The corpse slid down the wall. The killer’s comrades sat all about the room counting their loot. She tried to look braver than she felt. He wiped his blade on the corpses. “I have a job for you”. Sometimes you had to deal with low men. Sometimes you needed men of violence.



(LARP) Tales of Toholon: From the Steppes to the Steps

By Shane Carr

Rating: TV-13

System: TBC

Players:  15


To Whom It Concerns, The Ever-Esteemed Ssarina of Ruhuss, Empress Ekobrina, invites you to attend her at the Centenary Celebrations, marking 100 years of the Ruhussian Empire. All who receive this invitation, even those without scales, will be welcomed and obligated to attend Her Eminence in her Panolpy Vault on the 25th day of the Month Of The Octopus. There ye shall witness the treasures of the Enjoined Peoples, made and won by human and serpentbloods together, the proof of the pre-eminent civilisation of Toholon they have forged and the divine favor they retain. R.S.V.P. P.S. We are aware the peasants are revolting. Please continue to ignore them.



Saturday Afternoon

(RPG) Murder Hobos CSI: Immortals

By Matty

Rating: PG13

System: Homebrew d8 system

Players:  5


“Yep, it be true. Steam Billy the Generous, Hobo God of Handouts & Windowsill Apple Pie, be dead. Killed while waiting for some fresh apple pie to cool, as is the Hobo Way. Now I may be a humble Hobo Gods of Railcars, Boxcars & any other cars that travel on rails, but even I know trouble when I’s sees it & fellow Hobo Gods this looks like a whole heaping pile of trouble with a serving of trouble gravy, hold the trouble biscuits! Now who’s we go’n get to solve this very Hobo of mysteries?” *everyone looks upon the earth below, finding five simple Hobos, warming themselves by a barrel fire* “They’ll do I guess, as is the Hobo Way”



(RPG) Ashen Footprints

By Lorcan Gaughen

Rating: All Ages

System: Mistborn

Players:  6


When we were hired to rescue a girl from a tower I expected guards and high walls. I did not expect ballroom dancing.



(RPG) Lady of the House

By Feargal Keenan

Rating: TBC

System: Changeling the Lost

Players:  5


Are the silvers polished?


Have you stoked the fire?


Sweep the Kitchen!


There are guests coming tonight.


The Lady will Host a Grand Ball, those silvery eyes of her showing scant amusement at the things you will do for her guests. The things you have always and will always do, a hundred, a thousand years from now. Unless you find the key. But you cannot find the key, it’s impossible. No Apparatus of the House Ever has…not without help, at least.


But hush now, silence such thoughts. The Lady walks the halls and there are always more duties at hand.



(LARP) Blood and Iron: The Price of Salt (Part Two)

By Dudley Martin

Rating: Teen

System: Modified Victoriana 1st Edition

Players:  10-25 From Part 1, 5 New Players


The Proconsul’s palace is the centre of Britannia in the heathen east. Here the rules of gentle society hold sway and the hustle and bustle of general life is kept outside the door. No matter what the situation, it is dealt with the traditional stiff upper lip and a calm indifference. Today’s diplomatic tea is no exception. It does not matter that there will be representatives of a supposed local deity, they will be treated with all the respect and dignity that Her Majesties’ Diplomatic Office can muster. Oh Bloody Hell, what do you mean they’ve all come down sick? Who is going to be there to represent the Crown? Oh a Viscountess! Lovely that should work well. What do you mean it’s her? And her cohort? God preserve the Empire and the Queen…



Saturday Evening

(RPG) Tropic Kill V: Dog Day Afterburn

By Baz Nugent

Rating: 18’s

System: Savage Worlds

Players:  4-6


Dog Company have knocked over regimes, plural. Taken out genocidal madmen, singular. Accidentally become celebrities, not complaining. Pretty impressive resume for a mercenary company that lives by the motto “That’s Shock and Awe, Folks!”. One thing still eludes them, though. Ma En Dian aka Eddie Mau. Last seen flipping off Dog Company while in possession of a Soviet nuclear warhead. After months of searching, he’s finally shown up in Zarikstan. Word is, he’s trying to sell the warhead. Time for Dog Company to give him the payoff he’s long deserved… from the business end of a .357. But Eddie Mau has dodged bullets, fists, grenades, missiles, helicopters and more. Time for Dog Company to bring everything to this fight to make sure that it’s time for Eddie Mau to Zarikstand and Deliver. Pack Light. Pack Light 50.



(RPG) The Tomb of Grigor Amakiir

By Cian Scattergood

Rating: All Ages

System: Swords and Wizardry

Players:  2-6


The famed explorer Sir William Marshal has disappeared. His last known expedition was into the Tomb of Grigor Amakiir a wizard of immense power. Marshall believed that the tomb held immense wealth and had launched many expeditions into the Tomb. It has been three months since his party ventured in, but no word has come from within. You have been hired by his family to locate him dead or alive, the pay isn’t great but you have been given pillaging rights so hopefully Marshall was right in his claims of wealth untold that lie within otherwise you could be risking your neck for 3 gold a day.



(RPG) Fracture Points

By James Lloyd-Jones

Rating: R

System: Chronicles Of Darkness

Players:  5





(LARP) Two Truths

By Sarah Hoover

Rating: 16+

System: Internally constructed

Players:  12-25


Let’s create a new political system. Let’s create it based on how we feel, at a gut level, about the policies which affect Irish life. Let’s create it together. Let’s leave artifacts of our creation. A meditative black-box larp with thin characters, Two Truths uses statements made by Irish politicians to explore how political negotiation works-or doesn’t. The imaginary world might have real consequences.



Saturday Night

(RPG) “Untitled Project at Imperial”

By Baz Nugent

Rating: 12+

System: Mage: The Awakening/ Mage Noir

Players:  5


Hollywood, 1948. Delores Mores, movie starlet and six film contract player for Imperial Pictures is missing. The Hierarch of Los Angeles, both as a silent partner in Imperial and a committed movie lover, wants her back and done hush hush. Snoopers love a scoop and business is bad enough as is without a tabloid scandal. Finding one dame in a city of millions, on the QT, and by sunup. What could possibly go screwy? You might be magic, but this is Tinseltown. A Mage Noir caper for five Cinomancers who know there’s no business like Show Business



(RPG) Repo

By Fergal Monster

Rating:  T for Teen

System: Savage Worlds

Players:  5


The world runs on credit. From kings to cooks, everybody wants things before they can pay for them, and the industry that facilitates this underpins our society. Unfortunately, some people get the idea that now that they have their magic sword, or whatever, they don’t need to make payments on it, and the average collections agent can’t do anything about it. Because, y’know, magic sword.


Fortunately, you’re not average collections agents. So the world runs on credit? Time to save the world.


Blurb by Aonghus Collins


(LARP) In The Court of The Dragon Emperor

By Gavin Walsh

Rating: PG

System: Homebrew

Players:  16-20

These are uncertain times. Terror attacks almost weekly. Rapid and unwanted political change. The atmosphere of fear is palpable. Yet that is no reason to turn down an invitation to the Sword Coast’s most intriguing social event of the year. The Coronation of Emperor Apothos. This statesman, philanthropist, and oh yes 50ft tall red dragon has helped to provide much stability to a region rife with a rise in Dragon cultist activity, dragon attacks and attempted coups. (none of which is in anyway connected to His Highness). The night promises to be an interesting one with many influential people from all over the Sword Coast rumoured to be in attendance as well as some powerful locals. Yet a number of shadowy organisations have threated to disrupt it. Or worse, show up uninvited. A game of High Society and Low Morals (loosely) set in the world of Forgotten Realms. For 16-20 players.



Sunday Morning

(RPG)Cassette Boy

By Legendgerry

Rating: TV-13

System: Fate Variant

Players:  5 – 6


In the dystopian city of New Angeles high i.q. people are going missing, the usual suspects, the megacorps are concerned. They have been investigating and after some “clashes” between their operatives they are sure it’s not one of them. Your firm, RF investigations, specializes in solving cases discreetly and has been hired as a neutral party to establish if these disappearances are just some psycho, a boot leg brain taping operation or worse a new breakthrough in the technology that they don’t own. NAPD is also looking into it but it would be “Appreciated” if you didn’t involve them and “Greatly Appreciated” if you could solve it before they did. Set in the FFG Android universe



(RPG) Hope & Virtue: Dog trap

By Lydia Dutton

Rating: All Ages

System: Homebrew Fullmetal Alchemist

Players:  6


To All Central Military Personnel, Due to recent incidents, several security concerns have been raised in central. Several officers and enlisted men have been called back. It is possible the recent events are unconnected, but the risk too high to ignore. Therefore, special orders may be sent down the chain of command in unorthodox ways. Do not let this alarm you. This is simply the Fuhrer’s way of ensuring that everyone is properly accounted for and safe. Probing questions may be asked. This information will be kept confidential and will be used to ensure your safety. Do not worry, everything is being done to ensure our country’s glorious destiny remains untainted. Have pride in Amestris. She will crush even those beside those who will harm us. From, The Office Of The Fuhrer. OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT (See regulation 28.3) A Fullmetal Alchemist RPG for 6 Military Officers doing their duty.



(RPG) A Day At The Races

By Cian O’Sullivan

Rating: PG

System: TOBASCO! – A homebrew system

Players:  5


Independent freighters operate on razor thin margins. Sometimes no matter what you do you end up broke, and needing to make deals with dangerous people. Owing money to one of the sector’s most powerful Crime Lords is hazardous for your health. Missing a payment is positively terminal. But Kellar was feeling “merciful”; instead of killing you, all you have to do is complete the Tranchen Run, one of the galaxy’s most perilous races… while secretly breaking into a high-security facility belonging to a rival crime lord. It’ll be fine! There are dangers aplenty: black holes, asteroids, spatial anomalies, pirates, criminals and the other competitors! But if you’re smart, and lucky, maybe your crew will survive this… and even make some money on the side.



(LARP) City of No Flag

By Dave M Hayes

Rating: 12A

System: Oceania LARP System.

Players:  20


Carthage has never really been a hiring spot for mercs. Yes they have operated out of the Station before, but it has never been a place that people have come to hire operators or hitters. That is Changing. With the 140th Mercean, and the 45th Gruther, as well as having a Grey House outlet, people are showing up to find soldiers of fortune, which means more trade for the station and bodies for the Watch. Now if we could only work out who owns that Assault Ship that seems to be sitting in open space just watching the station, without shielding on its core. . .



Sunday Afternoon

(RPG) Work Experience, a RWBY RPG

By Lydia Dutton + Patrick Roche

Rating: All Ages

System: Unofficial RWBY System

Players:  4


Hello Students, Today is a great day for all of you. A chance to go out and really show that you’ve chosen the correct career path. Or, for some perhaps more fortunate, to learn that this was a horrible idea and running home to be a blacksmith is best for everybody. Won’t mum be happy to see you. There are small, “safer” (after a fashion) jobs to be undertaken in the local area. Some of you will be heading into the forests and nearby hills. I would point out that there are Grimm in those areas but they are not known to gather in big numbers (or to be particularly large variants). You are expected to deal with them quietly and efficiently, like all respectable hunters. Or to at least look like the colossal mess of failure you created was your intention all along so long as it roughly works out. That’s our school motto. “I meant to do that.” Understood? Of course! Good! Get to it! The Retiring Professor of Social Studies and Guidance Councillor

A RWBY RPG for 4 wannabe hunters looking to impress the school and develop “life skills”.



(RPG) The Sun God Must Die

By Baz Nugent

Rating: 18+

System: nWOD

Players:  5


The Sun God emerged in the centre of London, which caused some concern. The newly-born Avatar of Growth and Fury was an anti-authoritarian 16-year old Syrian refugee, whose hatred of government had been taught to her through brutality. Nevertheless, to begin with the various Governments and Agencies decided to simply watch her. They watched as she declared a new nation in Bir Tawil, an 800-square mile strip of uninhabited desert. She transformed it into fertile paradise, and invited everyone to come join her. The global refugee crisis emptied into her protectorate. They watched as she grew a 60-kilometre-high Tree, seemingly made out of light, that stretched into the stratosphere and collected usable energy directly from the sun. She produced more food and energy than she needed, and shipped it freely to those in want. They freaked out when she declared her intention to colonise the moon, using the Tree as a space elevator. Unable to bear the thought of this super-powered ultra-Hippy colonising space and distributing its valuable resources for free, they sent a group of highly-trained operatives to infiltrate her anarchic mini-state and put a stop to this. Their orders: kill the Sun God and cripple the Solar Tree. A blurb by Cian O’Sullivan, part of the Summer Scenario Switcheroo.



(RPG) Off The Rails

By Irene

Rating: PG

System: Engine Heart (modified)

Players:  5


Everything was a lot easier before all the people decided to lie down and stop talking. They kept you running so smoothly and always told you what to do. You’ve managed… okay without them you suppose but now things have started to go missing. You and your friends have to find out where they’ve gone and prove what really useful engines you are. Then everything will be okay! If only the Fat Controller’s head would stop falling off…



(LARP) Concordia Hominum

By Rowland Cooper

Rating: 13

System: Home-brew

Players:  25


Power is waning. The Tribal Leaders are losing influence on the world, as are their angelic patrons. A mysterious wanderer and prophet has gathered the Twelve Tribes in an attempt to determine the cause of the decline. It also happens to be the year of the Moot, where all the Tribes vie for a place among the High Council; the three Leaders who preside over the all the Children of Israel. Lack of divine power and a mortal power struggle. What could go wrong?



Sunday Evening

(RPG) Loan Wolves

By Micheal Calnan

Rating: All Ages

System: Firefly/Serenity Roleplaying Game

Players:  5


Starships don’t just pay for themselves you know, there’s fuel, docking fees, crew wages, maintenance, but above all the loan. When the five of you clubbed in on the deposit for The Vagabond, you thought the loan repayments would be a snap. After all, there’s all sorts of ventures out there for an enterprising crew with a ship, right? Well you’d a good few years where you were on top of your game, but those years have passed. Times have been tough lately, and the repayments are overdue. Way overdue. Unity Bank is done sending notices, they’re coming to take your ship. The only question is, what are you gonna do about it?



(RPG) Terminal

By Paddy Delaney/ Hannah Vii

Rating: TBC

System: CoD

Players:  5


Sometimes it’s hard to remember what life was like outside St John’s Ward. It’s hard to remember what it was like before cancer, when you had normal teenage worries and normal teenage angst. Now everything seems dwarfed by that diagnosis as it crushes any childhood hopes for a future. The good moments are brief, but mostly it’s blinding pain and sickness as your body is pumped full of poison, day after day.


And then there’s the mind-numbing boredom. Sure the younger kids get clowns and toys and balloons but you outgrew those a few years ago. That’s why you were all sure Jamie was making things up when she said the nurses were acting funny and that one of the doctors had been “replaced”. She always had a wild imagination. But now Jamie has disappeared. You thought she was getting better and then one morning her bed was empty. The nurses won’t tell you anything. They won’t even acknowledge she ever existed.


But you and your friends are sure something sinister is at work. And if nobody else will believe you, then it’s up to you to find out what happened to Jamie, and why.



(RPG) No rest for Dead Men

By Jack Carey

Rating: 18

System: Dark Heresy 2nd ED

Players:  4-6


In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. In the continent-sized hive cities of the Imperium of Mankind, one of the most dangerous disasters that can befall the countless billions of souls crammed into its walls is disease. What could be worse than a plague that kills millions in a few hours, one might ask? The answer, a plague where the dead do not rest and hunger for the living. As Acolytes of the Inquisition, you are tasked with rooting out corruption and heresy, but now you are trapped inside the quarantine zone with ten billion terrified humans and hungering zombies between you and your way out. Will you survive the ordeal long enough to discover the truth? Or will you join the ranks of the undead? A Dark Heresy 2nd Edition game of Zombie Survival Horror for 6 brave Acolytes


(LARP) Dublin Dark Heresy Society presents: It’s only Murder if you get caught

By Matty

Rating: PG 13

System: Dark Heresy 2nd ED

Players:  12 – 15 Players

Lord Edward Hyde, Head of the Guild of Assassins, invites you to join him in celebrating the Graduating Class of M41.112 at their End of Year Ball.

To be held in an undisclosed location, for mostly unknown reasons.

Tea & food shall be severed, poison *free of course. (*not a guarantee)

Kindly have your Will up to date & next of kin notified.



Sunday Night

­­­­(RPG) The Aquila Child

By Conor Kenny

Rating: Teen

System: Warhammer 40,000 Dark Heresy second edition.

Players:  4-5


Almost four hundred years ago the Confessor (now Saint) Alara Navicus on her deathbed prophesied that a child would be born in the Tantalus sector: child with the sigil of the Imperium upon its brow. A child that could bring greatness to the sector, or endanger it. In the centuries since more than a score of blasphemers, witches and charlatans have claimed to be this promised individual, all were liars. Now, another rumour has come to the Inquisition’s attention of a child on the backwater planet of Caltheras IV, a child with the sign of the Imperium upon its brow. The rumours say that the child performs miracles. Yet another heretic, or a potential savior? As agents of the Inquisition you have been sent to discover which.


(RPG) Mean Streets of Illim

By James Lloyd-Jones

Rating: 15

System: Crucible: Dark Age

Players:  5


They say that when you’re tired of Illim, you’re tired of life. Jewel of the South to some, Great Midden to others, you can buy anything from anywhere in the known world and the locals can throw in a thousand ways to die, on the house. For you, the odd bit of theft, kidnapping, or murder has been the only way to make a living. No one will hire mutants for honest work, so in the end, all you have is each other and what you can take from the world that despises you. And today the boss says you’re taking something big enough to scare the Crown.




(LARP) Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit: Slampocalypse 2

By PWEC GM Team (Padraig O’Ruis and Eimhin Loftus)

Rating: TV-13

System: Homebrew

Players:  16 Returning Players, 6 New Players


One year on PWEC has established itself as the top wrestling promotion in North America and after a year of surprises and twists and turns, we have come to the biggest show of the year where bitter rivalries will be settled and new ones will no doubt be started. Every title will be on display as the stars of PWEC go head to head for glory, revenge, and the chance to become the top players in the company. Coming live to an audience from around the world, right where it all began in Madison Square Garden, get ready to slam, powerbomb, and suplex ourselves to one hell of a show. Welcome to Slampocalypse!



Monday Morning

(RPG) Pyramids of Gold

By Tadeusz Cantwell

Rating: PG

System: Zweihander

Players:  4-6


Deep in the jungles of Lustria you have arrived, the superior mind from the much vaunted nobility of the Empire to find where these these… small brained lizard people have constructed their temples of gold. Not to steal you see, but to take items back for academic study. Even better you are following a map sent back by your brother who wasn’t to be found when you landed at the coastal settlement. Yes they are big but you have superior technology and intellect to overcome any odds.



(RPG) Fear the Old Blood

By Jack Carey

Rating: R

System: Call of Cthulu 6th Ed

Players:  6


Beyond the Moonside Lake to the south of Byrgenworth, a small town once, its prosperity as a mining town grew with the success of its neighbour Yharnam, where blood ministration became legendary. However, the Beastly Scourge has come to this boom town and Hunters must answer the call to combat this menace. But even as they administer the sacred blood ministration to Hunt these Beasts, one must not forget the adage of Byrgenworth, where all Hunters can trace their origins: “Fear the Old Blood”


(RPG) Fey Earth – The Lost of Ballinacoll

By Neil Byrne

Rating: PG

System: Homebrew D20 Rules are fairly simple. Suitable for experienced gamers or complete newbies 🙂

Players:  4-6


Some children and young people have gone missing in the small rural village of Ballinacoll. The wealthier townsfolk have raised a reward. You & your party must track down the villains responsible whether they be Human or Fey and do so before someone else vanishes. Fey Earth is a steampunk homebrew AU where the creatures of folklore and mythology have always been real and lived alongside humanity. Set in the 19th century, as the industrial age is being born the magical world of the past still lives on.



(LARP) The Court of the Mad King

By Siskey

Rating: R

System: Homebrew

Players:  15

A LARP for 14 players and 1 very Mad King

It is the height of the Regency in England. The Prince of Wales rules in the stead of his father, whose madness has escalated. The war against Napoleon rages on with no end in sight, but a new ally has come from a surprising quarter. The people of Faerie have thrown off their vile oppressors and have made a representation to the Crown. Their offer? To become part of the United Kingdom and join the fight against Bonaparte. What do they want in return? That remains to be seen…


Monday Afternoon

(RPG) The Doubles

By Erica Rodger

Rating: 16+

System: Dunno Yet

Players:  5


An RPG inspired by Welcome to Night Vale for five willing sacrifices….I mean players with an ear for radio and a love of glowing clouds. No knowledge of the Podcast is required. You’ve recently got word that your new internship at NVCR has been approved and boy are you excited! Sure the radio host is a bit stranger and everyone tells you that station management don’t take kindly to being disturbed (but they involve everyone in their romance with the city officals). The station pet is a little out there and no one is sure how it got stuck floating excatly three feet above the sink, the walls ooze strange substances but only on the second Sunday of every month! When people ask you the name of the town and radio station you’re gonna be working for well, they look at you strangely and ask if you’re sure you got the right place. They’ve never seen it on a map….You’ve heard romours that most other interns havent faired out too well, most likely they missed out on their college credits, but you’re sure you can handle this. So pack your soft meat crowns, your enthusiasm and your coffe grinding earmuffs, the beans scream if they are freash and prepare yourself for your trip to Night Vale.



(LARP) Jupiter Trials

By Lydia Dutton + Patrick Roche

Rating: All Ages

System: Homebrew mech system

Players:  15


The leader of the Jupiter Alliance, a brutal offworld criminal organisation involved linked to terrorist attacks, kidnaping and slavery, has been arrested following a whirlwind skirmish with the Mech wielding Strider Corps. Following the intense battle, he has been brought to rapid trial on Earth for crimes against multiple states and several different varieties of war crimes not normally covered. With all eyes on this trial, fears of assassination attempts have run rampant. Several Mech agents have been brought in to serve as security while other high profile persons have been sent in as ambassadors and witnesses to the fall of this scourge of the galaxy. While Earth’s government hopes to wipe away some of the shame of this criminal’s years of operation, others appear to have different motivations for witnessing these events unfold. Revenge is always a difficult emotion to dismiss. An exciting LARP featuring multiple pilots of giant robotic vehicles overseeing a politically charged court case with criss-crossing goals and hopes. A sequel to our previous LARP.