Special Event: The Dracula Dossier by Gareth Hanrahan



Gaelcon 2016 is delighted to announce the first of our special events line up this year. We have the honour to have a long con scenario being run by renowned writer Gareth Hanrahan. And to add to the horrifying wonderfulness. Gareth has arranged that anyone who pre registers for one or all of the slots can receive a discount off the PDF version of The Dracula Dossier from Pelgrane Press!


Game Title: The Dracula Dossier

Longcon Format System: Night’s Black Agents

# of players: 6-8 per slot

Rating: M.


In 1894, British intelligence attempted to recruit a vampire as an asset. The attempt went horribly wrong. As part of the cover-up, they released an edited, redacted copy of the operation’s notes as a novel. In 1940, in 1977, they tried again, and failed again. In 2005, they succeeded. In each case, officers involved added marginal notes to an unredacted copy of the Dracula Dossier. Now it’s in your hands. You’re burned spies, out in the cold. And the Un-Dead are hunting you. With the Dossier, you can turn the fight around, and maybe track down and destroy the King of the Vampires. Enter freely, and of your own will, into the domain… of Dracula.