Special Events

We have concocted a variety of special events for you this Gaelcon. Whether you want a break from traditional gaming or want to commit to one RPG for the whole weekend we have something for you.


man singing into microphoneTitle: Halloween party and Karaoke
Event type: Social
Details: 7-12 Friday , all welcome.
Tickets: No charge just come along
Blurb: We’ll be starting the evening with a few classical Halloween games and spooky treats. If that doesn’t scare you enough Karaoke will begin at 9. During Karaoke we’ll also be running charaoke where you can request songs sung in a silly or (hopefully) humorous way for a donation to charity. Want to here the Gaelcon director sing Barbie Girl? Then come along and donate. We’ll be judging and awarding the costume competition at 11 and awarding fabulous prizes.

 Costume competition
Event type: Costume/ Cosplay
Details: 11 Friday , all welcome.
Tickets: No charge but you must be in costume.
Blurb: Why wait till October 31st to dress up, after all it will be Halloween weekend right?  Your League of Evil Geniuses – aka committee will be sporting something spooky  (for once not just their faces!) Turn up in your tackiest threads, creepiest costume or coolest cosplay for the chance to win great prizes.


Coloured question marksTitle: Gaelcon pub quiz
Event type: Quiz/social
Details: 7pm Saturday, all welcome.
Tickets: Each member of a team will be charged on the night.
Blurb: Gaelcon is hosting its annual pub quiz on Saturday night in the hotel bar. Please get your thinking caps on! This is always great fun.


Hammer on eurosTitle: Charity auction
Event type: Charity
Details: 7pm Sunday,
Tickets: No tickets needed just a generous spirit, or the will to encourage spending in others.
Blurb: For many, the Charity Auction is the centrepiece of Gaelcon. So much so that we gave it its own page. Check it out!


Title: Alt Events
Type: Interactive Cinema Club
Details: Sunday Night Spooktacular 11pm  – 2am The Mezzanine

Blurb:“An interactive gaming experience where the entire audience directs the action in one of Telltale Games award winning storytelling games. Every attendee will be given a login for a voting app we’ve developed that will allow everyone to vote on what decisions the characters make and where the story goes next!”

In support of ALT Events Ethos, this is an alcohol free event,

Alt Events is a non-profit dedicated to developing a substitute for drink culture by producing quality alternative events in the hopes of providing options to those who don’t want to have to choose between their social life and their liver.

Join our group to stay up to date with the latest ALT Events!


Throughout the Weekend!

Title: Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator
Event type: Virtual reality/video games
Details: Various sessions throughout the weekend, ask Rob Dunphy at the convention
Tickets: No charge.
BlurbArtemis returns to Gaelcon 2016! We are delighted to have the wonderful Rob Dunphy back with us for another year of fun and games and don’t forget the SPACEWHALES!!!!!


  • Bridge simulators (Either Artemis or Empty Epsilon) same as always, crew a starship, blow things up, SPACEWHALES!
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: Asymmetrical Co-op. One person sees the bomb, the other people have the manual to defuse it. All about communications on a timer.
  • Extreme Exorcism: 8 bit style multiplayer battle arena set in a spooky mansion. Each match you win, you get a ghost in the next one that copies your moves from the previous match.
  • Retro games: Retropi running NES, SNES, Megadrive etc emulation.


catalyst game labs logoCatalyst Games Demos
Come try out a number of award-winning and critically acclaimed games from Catalyst – Immerse yourself in a world where man meets magic and machine as a megacorporation trying to further its goals in Encounters: Shadowrun – a push your luck dice game, or as a runner whose job has just gone wrong in the co-operative deck builder Shadowrun: Crossfire .  Subjugate your foes in the chess variant The Duke, or if tactical board games are more to your liking, you can try your hand at commanding a floating steampunk battleship in Leviathans, or sit in the cockpit of a 10-metre tall BattleMech and conquer the Inner Sphere in BattleTech. Demo and participation games will run all weekend.


Title: Unlocking Your Potential with Lauch & Ki Marketing
Event type: Escape room
Details: 60 to 90 min, 6-8 players per round, exact times to follow.
Tickets: TBA
Blurb: Are you a Mach-go with your keyzing on? Do you lowge the crunk those A-V-Gs drop? THEN YOU WANT TO WORK WITH US! Lauch & Ki is the nextest biz consult on the go-go-go, and we’re scanning the bands for the master marketers among you. But you’ve got to prove you’re winning the race! Gear in with the new crew and win our c-rave for a career that’s pedalmetal all the way. -Translation for the lastests – sign up for an interwoven series of plots and puzzles in a textual escape room!


DraculaGame Title: The Dracula Dossier
Event type: Longcon Format System: Night’s Black Agents, 5 slots over whole weekend.

The Longcon/Kristacon format is basically running a big campaign in a  concentrated burst over a con. The format started in the US, and there’s  a UK con dedicated to it. So are you committed to spending Gaelcon seeing this epic adventure through to the end?

  • # of players: 8-10
  • Rating: M
  • Writer: Gareth Hanrahan
  • Times:
    • 11-2 SAT
    • 3-6 SAT
    • 11-2 SUN
    • 3-6 SUN
    • 11-2 MON

Tickets: Buy in advance from our website. For those that do Gareth has arranged that anyone who pre registers for one or all of the slots can receive a discount off the PDF version of The Dracula Dossier from Pelgrane Press!
Blurb: In 1894, British intelligence attempted to recruit a vampire as an asset. The attempt went horribly wrong. As part of the cover-up, they released an edited, redacted copy of the operation’s notes as a novel. In 1940, in 1977, they tried again, and failed again. In 2005, they succeeded. In each case, officers involved added marginal notes to an unredacted copy of the Dracula Dossier. Now it’s in your hands. You’re burned spies, out in the cold. And the Un-Dead are hunting you. With the Dossier, you can turn the fight around, and maybe track down and destroy the King of the Vampires. Enter freely, and of your own will, into the domain… of Dracula.