Special Events

Here is the line up of Special Events that will be happening over the weekend. It is all exciting stuff!


Halloween Party

Day: Friday Night

Time: 8pm

Price: FREE!

Location: TBC – this information will be available at the front desk on Friday.

It’s the run-up to Halloween; the nights are getting longer and darker and it’s raining more. So it’s time to have a party! There will be party games, some good music, potentially on-key karaoke and cheering regardless of how well the singing goes. Get ready for silly games such as charades, blind man walking and wink murderer. It’s a good way to end a Friday night.



No Drama – DnD Improv Workshop

Day: Saturday & Sunday

Time: TBC

On both Saturday and Sunday, the theatre group No Drama will be running their improv workshop. This uses DnD tropes in order to fuel the creativity of improv games. With a group of 10 – 20 people, our lovely guests will demonstrate the fundamentals of improv and how you might be able to apply this to your own gaming experiences, as a DM/GM or a player.


Gray School of Arms – Interactive Demo

Day: Saturday & Sunday

Time: TBC

With the expert advice of trained demonstrators, you can learn to handle training swords and how best to use them. This is in the Spanish military system of Destreza and will be casing western sword fighting arts from the 16th to the earth 18th century. Demonstrations will be run throughout Saturday and Sunday, with a table available for checking out the equipment used and chatting with the demonstrators.


Pub Quiz

Day: Saturday

Time: 9pm

Our usual Pub Quiz will happen on Saturday so prepare yourself for a night of questions and fun!


Charity Auction

Day: Sunday

Time: 9pm

Every year we run a Charity Auction for our chosen charity partner for that year. Our chosen charity is always a charity focused on helping children and we will be announcing our new charity partner at Gaelcon like we do every year! 🙂