Volunteering aka staff

So you clicked on the “Volunteering” link, eh. Good choice, this is definitely better than “tickets”.

Staffing a convention is one of the very best ways to experience it and is a really great way to get to know lots of awesome people and see the inner workings of an Irish gaming convention.

Gaelcon is wonderfully unique in that it is 4 days long, giving staff members all the more time to enjoy themselves at the convention in between their shifts.

Pros of volunteering at Gaelcon.

  1. Get experience staffing cons
  2. Have an awesome time
  3. Meet cool people
  4. Cool t shirt
  5. Other stuff too


  1. Literally none


All staff members get free entry to Gaelcon and a free Gaelcon shirt as well as free entry to games and exclusive discounts with traders.

If you have any questions or would like more information then feel free to email Xander at staff@gaelcon.com

If you are interested in applying then fill in this form by the 1st of October or miss out on an awesome opportunity!