Author: Isabella Storey Cosgrave

  • Math Trade at Gaelcon

    New Games For Old!   Do you want to trade your old second hand games that you no longer play for, well for someone else’s old second hand games that they no longer play, but that may be new to you?   If so, then come and join us for the Annual Gaelcon Math Trade. […]

  • Wargames at Gaelcon 2022

    Folks, Wargames Tournament tickets are now good to go! So lets talk about Wargames tournaments at Gaelcon.    Firstly, as you may have heard, this year we will be hosting our tournaments off site at Underworld Gaming, coming to this decision took a long time, and extensive discussion, but with our venue getting moved in […]

  • 2022 Store Opening

    2022 Store Opening

    GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! The Store is now live for con tickets. You can now buy your tickets to Gaelcon 2022, October 28th to 31st, on our store tab! Go out and tell all your friends that Gaelcon Season approaches.  These tickets get you into the con, into events and panels, and to celebrate being able […]

  • Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

    Some News Everyone! not good, not bad, mostly news that will keep you at the same emotional level you were at. Due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances on the hotels side, we are moving from the Crowne plaza Northwood to their sister hotel, Crowne Plaza Blanchardstown. Same chain, still on a decent bus route, still […]

  • Going Hybrid

    Hello All, a short update for you all to finish out the Mega Paddies Weekend. Gaelcon this year is planning to be in person as a Hybrid Event on the October Bank Holiday Weekend, the 28th to the 31st of October.  This means that we’ll have events happening both in person and online including RPG’s, […]