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Friday Evening 6pm-9pm

The dirty gobbo half dozen
By Tadeusz Cantwell
A 6 player Fantasy Warhammer 4th edition Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

The extra sneaky human almost got away with it, sneaking up on our camp to tell his stinking friends about us. Now the boss, not to be out sneaked by a miserable human says follow back to his camp all quiet and stick him good with no other dirty humans seeing, then burn and loot and steal. That’ll show them how to do a sneaky first strike. Then the big raid will begin when we’re done.


The Bequest
A 4 player Weird New Urban Fantasy Electric Bastionland Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

You’ve lost everything – either you’ve been disowned, or you’ve been fired, or you messed with the wrong people. And you’re several thousand in debt to people who demand payment, job or no. The only avenue left to you is hunting for treasure to try and pay them off. Thankfully, you’ve stumbled onto a lead: a former treasure hunter who went to live out their days in Deep Country has died, and they were rumoured to have hidden treasure here in Bastion. You’ll need to go out to Deep Country, find some sort of map, make your way back (without getting stranded in time and space both ways), and find that treasure. Before your rivals beat you to it.


Friday Night 10pm-1am

By Rowland Cooper
A 5 player Sci-Fi Homebrew Game
M For Mature, Probably best to leave this to people who don’t think the height of Humour is buttz

““Lift, the new wonder drug from Vistacorp that can cure a-any dis-d-d-d-d-dis-disea…”
ERROR: Files Deleted. Memory Purged.
Security Clearance Password: ************
Subject: Di-methyl-hydroxi-clavim, “Clavidone”
Nature: Narcotic
Codename: LIFT
Details: Subjects experience rapid temporary cellular mutation, resulting in anomalous capabilities. Effects appear to be random; no discernible pattern was found. Subjects exhibit signs of dependence and possible addiction in extreme cases. A small percentage of subjects exhibit violent and/or lethal anomalous abilities. Subjects 482, 527 and 1337 were translocated: whereabouts unknown.
Status: Program terminated due to destruction of primary synthesizing laboratory.
Subject: Operation Drifting Cloud
Primary Mission: Obtain information regarding the location of illegal LIFT synthesizing laboratory/laboratories, and shut them down.
Secondary Mission: Locate distributors of LIFT and find and eliminate any and all traces of LIFT in the city.
Email will be erased in: 5… 4… 3…”


Righteous Fiends: Daybreak
By James Lloyd Jones
A 5 player Dark Fantasy Crucible:Dark Age Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

“For ten generations your people have fought and died to protect your god, who lies sleeping beneath the high temple, dreaming of the rebirth of the world. You are the latest in a lineage of warrior-priests; gifted with living armour, biomagical grafts, and intense training to fulfill Her commands.
And now you are entrusted with your first holy task – the great Enemy has reclaimed a ruined fort on the very edge of your land; you must found out what they want and keep it from them.”


Damn the Man, Save the Music: Open ’til Midnight
By Donogh
A 3 player Quirky/Comedic Damn the Man, Save the Music Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

“Welcome to Revolution Records. The kind of place that’s been on the verge of closing since opening day. Damn the Man, Save the Music! is a tabletop role-playing game about making a last-ditch effort to save something you love. Play a ragtag group of underachievers, overachievers, street philosophers, and love-struck artists united by one cause: to rescue your ’90s indie record store from the oppressive hand of The Man… and to keep the music playing.”


Saturday Morning 10am-1pm

By Michelle Haward
A 4-6 player Sci-Fi Comedy Game with Mechanics from Lasers and Feelings
PG, Something the whole family can play

The patchwork crew of the Halcyon Nereid are returning from a successful outreach mission for the Intergalactic Alliance when their systems pick up the distinctive signals of The Pursuer, one of the most feared ships in the Absolutist Supreme Sovereignty fleet. The Pursuer is setting a course directly for them and its weapons are most definitely not set to stun. Why is it after them? Who knows! And there is no time for bickering right now! This was a diplomatic mission, not a war mission, and the Halcyon Nereid is outclassed. Somehow the crew of the Halcyon Nereid must… ESCAPE FROM FIFTEENTH QUADRANT


Dark Seekers: Roads Untaken
By Fergal Monster
A 4 player Urban Fantasy Horror Monster of the Week (Powered by the Apocalypse) Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

“Summer is ending. You feel conflicted. 3 months of life on the road, touring the country, and running a podcast is hard but fun, an experience. The thing is that investigating the supernatural was a lot more fun and a lot less dangerous before you knew monsters were real. Luckily, strange events in a random town are a great way not to think about the future and what comes next. In this case, people committing seemingly random acts of violence should distract you from what could happen, what could have happened, if only things were different. ”


At the Edge of Infinity
Written by Hannah and Cian for 6 corporate assets.
A cyberpunk 2020 game set in deep space
Rating: PG

The corporations control the world from their skyscraper fortresses, while armies of cyborg killers roam the shattered wastelands. What is left of our seas is slick with oil, devoid of most life. Our once blue skies are heavy with acid rain and chemical clouds. And once fertile farmlands are vast sprawling deserts. But a scant hundred miles above the streaming polluted atmosphere lies another world. Silent, frigid, the world of spinning cylinder words, speeding spacecraft and spiderlike orbital vehicles. And at the edge of that world is Workshack 17. That is where you’re going. That is where your home will be for the next 10 years.
Until things go terribly wrong.


Distress Call of Cthulhu
By Paul Anthony Shortt
A gumshoe game for 5 players
T for Teen

Computer Report, UNS Orpheus
Status: 17 months, 14 days out from Earth
Destination: Jupiter
Mission: First manned expedition beyond to outer solar system
Instruction: Begin active systems startup
Instruction: Transfer sensor scans and download Home Base comms.
In process
Instruction: Begin crew cryo-sleep end sequence
In process
Sensor scan complete – Distress call identified
Error – No record of previous exploration
Emergency protocols engaged. Altering course to intercept.
Error – Signal unrecognised


Saturday Afternoon 2pm-5pm

To Put Right What Twice Went Wrong
By Paul Anthony Shortt
A 5 player Sci-Fi Horror Fate of Cthulhu Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

“It was supposed to be over. The travellers came from the future with their warnings and you fought to stop the rise of the Great Old One. Those of you who survived were left changed, but at least the world would be safe.
Until a knock came at your door, and you opened to see your future self, aged and battle-scarred. You didn’t save the world; you just made things worse. It’s time to put things right one last time.”


The Grinding Fodder Support Group
By Gilly
A 5 player Fantasy D&D 5e Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

You play in a game where the Heroes have already won and done everything you need to do to become heroes. You do not however, play as these heroes. Instead you play as the lower level monsters that these heroes cut their teeth on back when they were just getting started. Whether you were just some Goblins trying to defend your home or Kobolds trying to make an honest living stealing from a tavern, this Adventuring party cleaved through your ranks, decimated your population and left you with nothing while they happily went on to there next source of exp. And so a support group was formed composed of an assorted array of monsters. Finally after 40 years the adventurers have all retired, their blades have gone rusty and it is high time they got some payback. The only problem is that everyone will be playing to their own secret objectives. Over the 40 years your character has either made a lifelong companion or an arch-enemy that will influence their decisions and lead to a healthy amount of inter-party fighting and treachery. On top of that everyone gets a randomly chosen advantage and disadvantage just to spice things up.


Not All Of Us Made It
By Gar Hanrahan
A 6 player Horror Yellow King RPG Game
M For Mature, Probably best to leave this to people who don’t think the height of Humour is buttz

“The Second American Revolution is over; the hateful Castaigne regime and their extraterrestrial Carcosan allies have been overthrown. You were all instrumental in that victory, but you weren’t there to celebrate it. All of you are former inmates in the infamous Fort Hyades internment camp. Now, you must come to terms with your pasts if you’re going to find a place in this new world…”


LARP – 600 Seconds From Sol
By Bobz McCartney
A 5 player Hard sci-fi with a dash of horror and Comedy sprinkles Homebrew D12 Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

Earth is 830 seconds from the sun. Venus is only 600. The difference doesn’t sound like much, but the dawn light on Venus as it slips into view is blinding. Solar power for days, food and water. That was the promise. But the colony has gone dark. 130 seconds till atmospheric breaking. Time to rouse the crew.


Saturday Evening 6pm-9pm

Sick to Death – A Vampire the Masquerade Game
By Padraig D
A 5 player Modern day action/drama with a hint of horror Vampire the Masquerade 3rd Ed Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

“A recent mortal pandemic has made affected blood unusable to the city’s Kindred. Senior vampires are going to ground and isolating with their herds. With the Prince on the back foot as power players make moves, the last thing he needs is an underground nightclub full of dead Toreadors. Many Elders are putting pressure that some younger vampires should be culled for the survival of the rest. Your Prince demands you go quickly to investigate the attack on the Club and address the cause of this problem. Anything seen as failure could result in true death. Leaning more on drama and action, and a little less on horror and politics, this old World of Darkness game is aimed at both new players to Vampire the Masquerade, as well as seasoned players.”


Blood and Iron : The Lost Jewel in the Crown
By Dudley Martin
An 8 player Steampunk Adventure Modified 1st edition Victoriana Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

India, the British Raj, the source of wealth, influence , and a host of problems for the Crown. The peasants are revolting and the British East India Company and the British Crown are cracking down. Unfortunately, in the midst of the crackdown, when their military forces are spread thin, an incident has occurred. A luxury airship, ‘the RMS Halcyon’, has been captured by Sepoy insurgents, near Multan. Onboard was one Almyra Helen Spencer, daughter of a prominent member of Parliament, and Professor Barnabas Whiting, who is working on a top secret project for the crown that will change the course of world politics if it falls into the wrong hands. It is imperative that they be rescued and that research retrieved . Your team must head to Western India, track down the airship and rescue the hostages. Your government is counting on you!


Black Snow
By Sarky
an ALIEN: The RPG scenario for 5 players aged 16+
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

MU/TH/UR BIOS 2182.9.25.1, ROM v9.3, initialising Executive interface…
USER> ping MU/TH/UR_6000 -reg “WY-2378425”
………. pong! WY-2378425 awaiting input.
USER> query charter
Commercial freighter “Lamplight”, Crew: 7, Cargo: Processed meats, Course: Gamma Leporis –> Sol, approx. value $35,000,000 incl. cargo
USER> execute WY_override Special Order 939
…….code accepted.
Please enter coordinates> Kruger 60 AEM, Ariarcus Colony
Please wait….. Kruger 60 found. Calculating… New course calculated. WARNING: There will be no record of this session after this point. Executive user is liable for all costs in the event of failure.
Do you wish to proceed(Y/N)? > Y
Beginning Special Order 939. This terminal will self-format in 10 seconds. Goodbye.


Hell Froze Over
By Feargal Keenan
A 9 player Fantasy Homebrew Game
M For Mature, Probably best to leave this to people who don’t think the height of Humour is buttz

“Broadcasting on all Frequencies, this is Jarl Aedan of Vanirmir. Three Settlements offlined in as many days, we’re getting wasted by Marauders and HelSpawn and we’re going to run out of food, power and shelter if we don’t pull it together. I know we’ve not all gotten along for a long time if ever but there’s a HelStorm coming in in three nights and if we don’t band together we’re all dead. We need a sit down, we need to find a way to work together, otherwise all three of our Clans will die. Jarl Aedan – Over and Out”

Saturday Night 10pm-1am

Last Things Last
By Ciarán O’Halloran
A 4 player Delta Green Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

Delta Green agents do not fade away; they die just like everyone else. One such worthy was former Delta Green agent Clyde Baughman. Less than twenty-four hours ago the 74-year-old died. Someone needs to make sure that he’s left no evidence of the conspiracy behind.


Sunday Morning 10am-1pm

Betrayal on the high seas: Blood Runs Thick
By Matthew Toner
A 6 player Fantasy, with some horror and comedy elements D&D 5E Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

“After unwittingly helping an Ancient Kraken gain the power of the oceans a group of pirates must gather both friend and foe alike to combat the threat, but will their combined forces be enough to stop this ancient evil. ”


Johnny Gagnon is dead
By Conor Kenny
A World of Darkness scenario for five ghoul players.
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

Johnny Gagnon is dead. He was killed. It’s a tragedy, really. Just another ghoul in service to your vampire Kindred masters. Do they care that Johnny Gagnon is dead? No, to them he was another useful tool, another one will come along. But, you’re a ghoul, Johnny Gagnon was one of you. Someone killed him and damn it, it matters to you! Maybe you won’t find any peace, you certainly won’t find justice, but, he deserved better. And, well, you’d like to think he’d do the same for you. Johnny Gagnon is dead. Maybe you can find who killed him.


All Comes to Ruin
By Jack Carey
A 5 player Low Fantasy Homebrew Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

“The Empire is gone. Across the sea you can still make out the plumes of smoke off burning cities. Once the Arcaran Empire was a dominating force on the Continent. Now you are all that’s left. Across the sea, new land lies. Here the remnants of the old Empire have fled to rebuild their lives. You have brought your people here for a new start. But you are not alone. Others have come and while once you were close knit allies, the old ways are gone and new loyalties and rivalries must be forged. What will you do to survive in this new world.
A game of diplomacy and civilisation for 5 leaders of new nations.”


Starfleet Irregulars: Intermission
By Irene & Shane
A 6 player Sci-Fi Fate Accelerated Game
PG, Something the whole family can play

“A power failure has shut down the holodeck and well… you got bored. So you’re off to explore, on the hunt for sugar and excitement while playing an epic game of hide-and-go-seek with ship’s security.
What’s an eight year old, genetically enhanced super soldier to do?”

Sunday Afternoon 2pm-5pm

Glimmer Gang
By Fergal Monster
A 4 player Urban Fantasy, Magical Teen, Hope themed, Glitter Hearts (Powered by the Apocalypse) Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into
Content Warning: This game engages with complex emotions.

“It’s spring at Blanding High School. Students have school, study, after-school activities and their lives to balance. There are also many flavours of drama available, including home, life, family, friend, love, club, and teen. High school can be hard work sometimes. Now, imagine suddenly acquiring a new extracurricular. One where you transform into a magical hero who solves friendship problems and fights monsters alongside students you vaguely know. You’re pretty sure you didn’t sign up for this.”


Kerberos Stranded
By Rowland Cooper
A 5 player Sci-Fi, light Horror Homebrew Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

You’re on your way back to Earth after several months harvesting ice from Charon. You’re two weeks into the seven and a half week trip home and something has messed with your ship’s systems. You suspect an anomalous EMP from Uranus has shorted something or other, but the ship’s automated security measures kicked in and you seem to be locked in whatever area of the station you were in. Luckily, the Tethys Conglomerate are a bunch of cheap, greedy financiers and didn’t remove the old comms system in the last upgrade. Hopefully it will still function.


LARP – Quorum
By Gavin
A 6 player Political Science Fiction Homebrew Game
M For Mature, Probably best to leave this to people who don’t think the height of Humour is buttz

“The Suzarian is dead. They had ruled over the galaxy for millennia and whether by force or by favour had brought your people into their interstellar empire. Their death took the spacefaring nations by complete suprise and the unions they build are coming apart at the seams threatening to plunge the cosmos into anarchy. You have been invited to come together to solve the problems facing the galaxy and usher the galaxy into a new age of prosperity. Or leave it in ruins.
A game of interstellar diplomacy and emergency measures for 6 players”


An Adventure Most Fowl:
An adventure (using D&D 5e) for up to six winged creatures by Cian Scattergood.
M for Mature

It has been centuries since the last simian wars ended. Their atomic wars left us with nothing but shells to shelter ourselves in from the atomic wastes. From the ruins of their society rose a great Avian world we live in today. But it was not always easy. In the early days of our glorious society we had many foes to contend with.
This is the story of one such struggle between one small tribe of our Anseriforme siblings and their struggle against the feline foe that plagued their small domain. Learn how they overcame these obstacles to begin anew. Gather round and listen to my tale of deeds most fowl.

Idk bro you are going to play bird people and fight cat things. Blame Barcoe.


Sunday Evening 6pm-9pm

Charity Auction 8pm approx

Sunday Night 9pm-1am

Orientation Day

By Paul
A 6 player Sci-Fi Horror Homebrew Game
M For Mature, Probably best to leave this to people who don’t think the height of Humour is buttz. Warning: Blood and Gore

“””Hello, and Welcome to the first day of your life and lifelong career at Nu Life! We are the leading company in Genetically Engineered Life Forms, or GELF. Just dry off the residue from the growth vat and we can start your orientation of the 0-Felt Labs! Any questions? Yes, you?””
“”What are the red lights and alarms for?””
“”…You have all been selected for an accelerated course in Containment Procedures. “””


The City Must Survive
By Jack Carey
A 5 player Survival Horror Kingdoms Game
M For Mature, Probably best to leave this to people who don’t think the height of Humour is buttz

“We roamed the still, cold world, no horizon in sight. The rulers of old, stripped of pride and glory. It feels as yesterday we were turning the wheels of progress, until the frost stopped it all, suddenly, without warning. When tides had changed, they changed for all of us, no matter wealth or class. We lost our world to snow. And with it, our last traces of humanity. We bid farewell to plenty, and for those who remained, cane a time to adapt. We decided to leave our homes and head north. We roamed for weeks, maybe months, leaving behind all the things we believed had made us. It was hope that pushed us forward, slowly, step by step. We knew the cost of our journey, and we paid the price, a hundred times. Finally, the time has come…
…to build the last city on Earth.
The City Must Survive.”


Monday Morning 10am-1pm

The Hunted
By Ben
A 4 player Fantasy: Irish Mythology D&D 5E Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

“A retelling of Irish Mythology through Dungeons and Dragons.
You march for war. North into the rugged wildlands to stand against the weaken Red Branch Knights and King Conchobar Mac Nessa. All is going well, but some point during your trek through a treacherous and ever-changing forest, your party is separated from the wider collected armies. Something is stalking you from the shadows. You can’t seem to shake it, almost like a hound that’s caught your trail. As you try make your way back to your camp and out of this endless forest, you stumble across challenges and trials. Whoever or whatever this, is testing you. As if it’s a childish game to them. Will you rise to the challenge and prove yourself worthy against the so-called Hound of Ulster? In doing so, you might just earn the favour of the gods themselves and turn the tide of war in your favour.
Game style will be casual, using theatre of the mind, with very little bogs for the rules to get bogged down into. ”


Divergent Crimes Division: The Cinder Moth
By Feargal Keenan
A 4 player Fantasy Horror AGE 3D6 Game
M For Mature, Probably best to leave this to people who don’t think the height of Humour is buttz

“Case File 2200-8-9-Q31 – CerebReal Download Complete
Officer killed in the line of duty during bust.
Partner in critical condition but has alerted us to a major criminal undertaking in lead by the terrorist cell The Cinder Moth.
Case transferred to the enhanced officers of the Divergent Crimes Division.
WARNING: Crime Data Analytics have indicated a 95% likelihood of illegal brainware linked terrorism plot within the next 48 by Cinder Moth. Team 1 Dispatched to VR Hub Crime Scene.”


Waiting in Taker’s Hollow
By Síofra Ní Lochlainn
A 5 player Hopeful Horror Homebrew Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

“You give up.
You tried, and you failed, and now you’re here. On a bus, traveling through the night, going nowhere in particular. Before long, you find yourself in Taker’s Hollow.
A town where you can settle down.
A town filled with hollow people.
A town covered in cobwebs.
A town where there you can see things moving in the corner of your eye, lurking in the shadows, looming over you, following you, stalking you, scuttling and slithering in unnatural ways, but whenever you look there’s nothing there.
A town where


Monday Afternoon 2pm-5pm

Mage: Hack the planet.
By Bobz Aoife Mccartney
A 5 player Sci-Fi Comedy WOD Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

“Current year: Truth is relative. But reality is relative to a Mage. These days the truth has been packaged. Put into boxes that whirr and bend it. It’s time. We need the data. We need the raw files. We’re going in.
A heist for 5.”


More than 12 Angry Ponies
By Taryn
A 4 player Wholesome Fantasy Tails of Equestria Game
T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into

“Ponyville is in chaos and a pegasus called Lucky has been swept along and finds herself at the centre of the anger of the population. Houses and gardens have been damaged, and you should see the state of the Apple Family Orchard (Applejack is not going to be happy when she gets back). Cheerilee, your teacher, isn’t convinced that Lucky has had anything to do with all of these bad things but she can’t convince the other adult ponies. She asks you, her brightest and best students who also just happen to carry the mantle of Cutie Mark Crusader, to go and investigate the unfortunate occurrences.
Your heroes, and the ponies most likely to help, the Mane 6, away and all the adults up in arms about the damage it falls to you to help and stop Lucky from being the most unlucky pony in all of Equestria.
It is going to be a challenging road ahead, obstacles to overcome, and maybe even earn your cutie mark on your journey!
You will need to be…
Kind, yet diligent.
Honest, but shrewd.
Generous, but guarded.
Loyal, without gullibility
Use Laughter to gain trust, and Magic to gain the facts.”


Murder on the Eberron Express
By Orla
A 5 player Fantasy Pulp D&D 5e Game
PG, Something the whole family can play, T For Teen, something you might not bring a very young gamer into
 “Roll20 Preferred”

The players gather on the lightning rail from Sharn to Fairhaven when arms dealer Egan Bakker is killed. In a game that brings Dungeons & Dragons together with Cluedo, any of the players could be the murderer. This 3-5 hour one-shot for 4-8 level 6 characters aims to give you all the fun of a game of Clue with all the variety of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. It is set in Eberron, an unusual D&D setting, that is darker and with more pulp noir aesthetics.