All weekend we will have helpers to introduce novice and experienced players to boardgames. To facilitate this, Gaelcon are delighted to partner with Dublin Gaymers (see their Facebook page at: and ChimeraCon Volunteers (follow them on twitter at: ). As usual, we will have an extensive boardgame library available for you to rent games and this year all Gaelcon entry tickets include a token for one free boardgame rental.

We are delighted to announce that GMT Games ( has sponsored our boardgames events and raffle prizes all weekend.

Playing Games 

Free-play tables are available on a first-come-first-served basis in the boardgame room (meeting room one opposite the main hall) during convention opening hours. There are also tables available in the main hall for demos, teaching and playing games from 9am to 6pm and a set of pre-booked boardgames running on reserved tables.

Displays will be available in the boardgame room to show that you are looking for players for your game. Look out for them if you want to join a game. These are colour coded based on the experience required.

Red shows the players are looking for someone to teach them how to play the game.  

Orange shows the players are looking for extra players who are experienced in playing the game. 

Green shows the players are looking for extra players who want to play and they are happy to show them how.

Propose a game you want to play here ( and space permitting, you will be added to the schedule.

The live boardgame schedule will be available here all weekend (


Registration and a refundable 5 euro deposit are needed to rent a game from the library in the boardgame room. Each game costs 2 euro to rent. 


At 5pm Saturday, Sunday and Monday there will be a raffle for attendees who have rented or prebooked games. Check out the prizes at the boardgame library desk.

All day Saturday Steve Jackson Games will be demoing in the main hall. Stop by their table to find out more.

Captain Sonar will be running multiple times on Saturday.  Signup to play at the boardgame desk.

All weekend there will be volunteers available to teach games like Dominant Species, Civilization, Here I Stand, Dune: Imperium, Container, Concordia, Viticulture, The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Wingspan, Mare Nostrum: Empires, Ticket to Ride: Europe, Hanabi, Love Letter: Batman, Skull, Power Grid Deluxe: Europe/North America, Series: Jours de Gloire (Frédéric Bey) and more.