Category: Boardgames

  • Math Trade at Gaelcon

    New Games For Old!   Do you want to trade your old second hand games that you no longer play for, well for someone else’s old second hand games that they no longer play, but that may be new to you?   If so, then come and join us for the Annual Gaelcon Math Trade. […]

  • Boardgames at Gaelcon 2022

    Help us make Gaelcon 34 the best ever Gaelcon for boardgames! Ciara and Rob have been appointed as dedicated boardgame coordinators in an effort to provide increased support for boardgames at Gaelcon 34. Some of the changes they have implemented this year include: A dedicated boardgames room, with a mix of events and open tables […]

  • Gaelcon Progress Update

    Planning for Gaelcon Online (October 23rd- 26th) is ongoing and we have progress to report!   Discord The core technology platform will be Discord. This is familiar to many gamers and has been used for several major online events already this year – Worldcon with over 3,000 people, and Gencon with far more people. We’re […]

  • Gaelcon 2020 : ‘Tomorrow’s Gaelcon, TODAY!’

    Friends, Gaelcon is going online for 2020 after a long process of deliberation and consultation. This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but we felt there was no other reasonable option for us this year. Below, in this post, we’re going to outline our logic behind our decision to move to an online convention, but […]