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  • The Final Update

    Gaelcon is only days away, set on course, full steam ahead and hopefully no icebergs! The world has had a rough enough year, but this year’s committee have done sterling work in the face of it all to bring together a weekend which should allow everyone to relax and have some fun. We have many […]

  • Gaelcon33 Update

    Gaelcon 33 is falling nicely into place for the October weekend. We’re taking on the feedback from last year with the goal of making the convention run smoother, but a lot of the core team will be the same. (It being fairly difficult to do the traditional recruitment tactic of cornering people in the pub […]

  • Gaelcon 33 will be online this year.

    Our hopes for Gaelcon 33 changed as the news changed from week to week, but we have decided that we must have an online event. Various things influenced our decision: The news about the pandemic and the vaccination rollout changes from week to week We don’t know when we might have certainty about the numbers […]

  • Charity Auction

    Here’s the Charity Auction lots!! Our chosen charity this year is BeLonG.

  • Gaelcon Progress Update

    Planning for Gaelcon Online (October 23rd- 26th) is ongoing and we have progress to report!   Discord The core technology platform will be Discord. This is familiar to many gamers and has been used for several major online events already this year – Worldcon with over 3,000 people, and Gencon with far more people. We’re […]