Board gaming is in our heart and soul at Gaelcon every year, and this year we want to help showcase some of the best games we can! Whether you prefer the abstract strategy of outplaying your opponents, or the tension of figuring out who is plotting against you, or just having a laugh with your friends; at Gaelcon we have a board game for you!

The Resistance: Avalon – The forces of Good and Evil are constantly in battle, and people rarely know who to trust. Help Arthur’s Round Table battle against evil, but beware: Mordred’s unscrupulous minions hide even amongst your very own friends! The Resistance: Avalon is a Hidden Role game, where every player is assigned a role at the start, and players must work out who fights for good or for evil by deducing the other players actions. Take up the role of the wizard Merlin, a noble Knight, or one of Mordred’s evil minions. For 5-10 players.

Carcassonne – Carcassonne is a classic tile placement game, and a perfect gateway board game for beginners to pick up and play. Players take turns building the medieval landscape of southern France, one tile at a time, trying to outwit and outplay their opponents by denying them valuable resources. Once they do this, they can place a “follower”, or “meeple” to claim the resources on the placed tile, and try to deny your opponent the same benefits.  Carcassonne has won numerous awards since it’s first edition back in 2000, and has been a tabletop favourite ever since. For 2-5 players.

Love Letter – The Royal Court of Gaelcon is once again looking for young (and not-so-young) suitors to woo the Princess through the age old act of letter writing. Love Letter is a simple, yet enjoyable, card game: Win the heart of the Princess, just don’t get caught canoodling with the Countess! Easy and fun to play, this game is perfect for beginners. Each round, you have the chance to win a token of affection from the Princess. Win enough tokens, and you could win the heart of the most eligible woman in the country. For 2-4 players.

Demo squads from local (and not-so-local) game developers will also be demonstrating some of their latest creations for everyone to enjoy.

Not enough gaming for you? We have a massive selection of board games to choose from, from old classics and new potential favourites just waiting to be discovered! Feel free to ask any staff member for their favourite picks and recommendations.

Gaelcon Math Trade

Welcome to the sixth annual Gaelcon Math trade.

For those who are unfamiliar with Math trades, the basic concept is that each participant lists games that he has for trade, and after everyone has added their games for trade each participant goes back over the list to see what they’ll be willing to take for their trade items. Then we let a computer programme figure out what set of trades makes most of us happy.
Don’t let the word Math scare you, all the actual maths element of the trade is done behind the scenes by a computer.

An important thing to note is that just because you list an item, it doesn’t mean you have to trade it. If after the first deadline there isn’t anything you want to trade it for on the list, simply don’t send a want list for that item and you are guaranteed to keep it.

Threads you can read if you want more details are the Math Trade Guide and Math Trades For Dummies threads.
If you have any questions, please ask on the associated discussion thread.

In the past trades, most if not all of the trading occurred at Gaelcon itself, so I am including an option to mark a trade item as ‘Gaelcon pickup only’ if you would prefer not to ship that particular item.
When it comes time to submit want lists, please do not request any items marked ‘Gaelcon Pickup only’ unless you are going to be at Gaelcon yourself or otherwise able to arrange for the item to be picked up.
I encourage people not to use this option unless required, as I want the trade to be as inclusive as possible, but I include it in case postage costs would put anyone off participating.

Rules of the trade.
1) This trade is open to anyone with a postal address in Ireland including Northern Ireland. (ie An Post Zone 1).
Some items however may not be available for postal participants. If you are not going to be able to pick up items from Gaelcon, or arrange for someone else to pick them up on your behalf, please do not add any items marked ‘Gaelcon pickup only’ to your want list.

2) Each item for trade is to have it’s own entry in this list. If you are trading a game and it’s expansion as a bundle they should be a single item on the list, if they are trading separately they should be listed separately.

3) This trade is for games, expansions and gaming accessories. Accessories includes promo’s, figures, cards, and anything else gaming related. This includes role playing games (and not just the board game kind) and associated stuff. No cash, vouchers, or similar.

4) Please give accurate descriptions of the state of any items you’re trading. Including (i) any missing or damaged components, (ii) any damage to packaging, (iii) the edition of the game if relevant, particularly for non-English language editions.

5) Do Not remove any items after listing them. If you change your mind about trading something either change it’s game id to 23953 (outside the scope of BGG) and in the text state what it was and that it’s been withdrawn (stating why is optional). Or simply don’t submit a want list for that item.

When it comes to sending in your want list, please send it in the form
(MyUserName) MyIDName : IDName1 IDName2 IDName3 IDName4 etc
Where ‘MyUserName’ is your username (in brackets), ‘MyIDName’ is the list id of the item you are trading and everything after the colon is the list of entries you would take for that item in order of preference. Please remember not to use commas. Note that this list can be as long or short as you like.
I will post up a list of the IDNames to use shortly after the first submission deadline closes.
If this scares and confuses you, I will accept short want lists in clear plain English and parse them myself, but I’d prefer not to. 

Submissions are open now, and will close at 6pm on Tuesday 15th October (or as shortly thereafter as I get online to close them).
After the submission deadline you will have until 6pm Monday 21nd October to send me your want lists. I’ll then get the results posted up some time Tuesday or Wednesday (probably Tuesday if I get everyone’s want list on time).

Deadlines for this trade are
Submissions: Tuesday 15th October at 6 pm
Want list: Monday 21nd October at 6 pm

For anyone who’s interested in the technical stuff, the trade will be done using TradeMaximizer 1.3a, with the options set to
If that makes no sense to you, don’t worry about it.

A note about duplicate protection.
In the event that there are multiple copies of the same game listed you might find yourself adding it to your want list multiple times but you don’t actually want to end up getting multiple copies of it. If that is an issue there is a way to ensure you don’t end up with duplicates. I wrote a post explaining this previously which I recommend you only read if the issue comes up.

If you have any questions regarding any of this please ask here or on the discussion thread.


Turris is a competitive Worker Placement game where players attempt to build the Tower as a final defense mechanism, utilizing the prehistoric technology of divine origin. You assign your Scouts to acquire resources and decipher the data from ancient machinery, all the while being constantly chased (and often devoured) by the unstoppable Beasts. The tribes all follow the Council’s directives and complete its missions, but as a tribe leader you know that once the Tower is built and humanity is saved, it will dissolve without strong leadership. In building the Tower, you acquire Prestige Points which represent your standing amongst the tribes. The leader with the most Prestige will take control of the Council and lead humanity into the future — whatever it may be.