Gaelcon Math Trade

Hello everyone,

It’s nearly Gaelcon time again, and that must mean it’s once more time for the Annual Gaelcon Math Trade.

For those in the audience who don’t know what a math trade is, it’s simply a way to get rid of your old unwanted games in exchange for games which are old to someone else but may be new to you.

This particular trade is open to anyone with a postal address in Ireland, including Northern Ireland. And yes I said a postal address. Since Gaelcon is gone to a completely online con this year, this year trades will be happening exclusively via post*.

By popular demand, after it’s rousing success last year, we will once again be using the Online Want List Generator (OLWLG) to help manage the list. Which should make the process of writing your want lists easier when we get to that step.

See the geeklist itself for more details and instructions on how to participate.

The way the system works, if there’s nothing there that you want to trade your game for, your game simply won’t trade. So feel free to submit your best trade items early, even if there’s nothing yet on the list you’d trade them for.

Deadlines for this trade are
Submissions: Thursday 14th October at 6 pm
Want list: Thursday 21st October at 6 pm

If the above has piqued your curiosity but you still have questions, then please ask them on the original board game geek post here or as a comment on the geeklist.


*If both participants of a trade prefer to use parcel motel or to meet up in person that’s their own business. But some people might not have that option, so please only list items that you are willing to post if necessary.

Link to the original Board Game Geek post.