Jog Brogzin’s Fantasy Mapmaking

Let’s build a geomorph dungeon together

With Jog Brogzin (fantasy mapmaker)

Mapping tutorial and cooperative challenge for all artistic ability levels (absolute beginners welcome)

Grab your pen, download and print the geomorph template and start mapping! Or even draw digitally. At the end of the weekend, everyone who submits a geomorph tile will get a copy of all dungeon tiles submitted.

For the first 30 minutes of this 2 hour event, I will run a tutorial showing some basic mapping techniques and explain how the geomorph will work.
For the next 1.5hrs, we’ll grab the DMG and roll up some rooms and draw as many as we can. I’ll be on hand to answer any questions and offer some mapping advice.
At the end, email me a photo of what you’ve got and we’ll put them all together into a fun resource.

I do ask all participants agree that their work is released as Creative Commons Licence BY NC SA. That way we can have some fun with it and not for commercial use.