In the year 3049, the Inner Sphere faced an unprecedented thread from beyond the Periphery: legions of mechs with advanced weaponry and fearsome infantry fighting under previously unseen banners. The Clans had arrived, and the Inner Sphere will never be the same again.

To celebrate the delivery of the BattleTech Clan Invasion Kickstarter, we’ll be running a series of smaller BattleTech games themed around the setting and miniatures available in the Clan Invasion box set and the various Lance and Star Packs in the Kickstarter releases.

Inner Sphere clash: In the years before the Invasion, the various Inner Sphere nations sent out raiding parties against one another to test new and recovered technologies. These games will run at 10AM on Saturday and Sunday, and can accommodate 6 players.

Clan Invasion: The warriors of The Clans like to prove their superiority over their enemies though the act of Bidding – deliberately bringing smaller forces to achieve their objectives. This meant that they frequently fought against greater numbers of enemy mechs. In these games, a small number of Clan units will face off against a larger Inner Sphere force, to see if skill and technology can win out over numbers. These games will run at 2PM on Saturday and Sunday, and can accommodate 6 players

Trial of Position: In order to qualify as MechWarriors, Clan cadets engage in a live-fire challenge where they must fight three successive enemy pilots – one in a lighter mech, one equivalent to theirs and one heavier. The first kill guarantees a position in the Clan, additional ones mean higher rank. Two cadets take their trial at the same time, and there is the option to declare a melee and hope to come out on top by the end. These games will run at 10AM and 2PM on Monday, and can accommodate 2 players.