Guild Ball Season 4 Launch Tournament

It’s a new season of Guild Ball, the game of medieval fantasy football. The Guilds have all been tuned up and rebalanced, and it’s time to test their mettle all over again. Are the Fishermen just as slippery as ever? Can the Butchers still chop up their rivals with gusto? You’ll have to play to find out!

Players will be forming rosters of up to 12 players, and we will be playing according to the Regional Cup rulespack. You can find the rulespack and the new Guild cards for Season 4 on the Steamforged website here:

Tournament entry is €5 in addition to your ticket to the convention. There will be prizes!

We have space for 8 players. If you would like to play but don’t have a team we will have teams available to borrow.

The tournament will start at 10am. Registration will open at 9.30am. We will play 3 rounds of 2 hours each, with a lunchbreak of 1 hour so we expect to finished around 5pm.