LotR Middle Earth Tournament

If you wish to ask any question you can contact us through these below channels:
– Via the Event page on the Facebook group Irish Hobbit league
– By email at thedarkrelic@gmail.com
Theme of the event: The Dark Relic
20 players capacity / 4×4 tables.
System: Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game Matched Play
Armies required:
– One 800 points Good army
– One 800 points Evil army
– One 250 Points army for the Relic mission (must be selected from either the good or evil armies in play at the event)
Scenarios: Randomly determined from the 12 matched play Scenarios found on pages 138 – 151 of the Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual.
Six games Good VS Evil
– On first game, opponent will be randomly determined
– “Swiss” system in use
Fully painted armies

NOT include Con Entry and you will have to purchase the appropriate weekend or day ticket(s).