Necromunda/Rogue Trader

**Note.. this may all change during the weekend, whaddya expect it’s something Vinny, Cian and Aidan have been working on!**

As the theme of this year’s Gaelcon is Science Fiction I thought to myself what better game to run as a special event than Warhammer 40,000. But not just any game of Warhammer 40,000 rather a medley of 40ks greatest hits from over the years. Let’s call it a Desert Island Disks of Grim Darkness!

Saturday: 1st Edition Warhammer 40,000 Rouge Trader All Day (Friday as well maybe)
The original, the best, the endless lists of tables!
In a blast from the past, all day Saturday we will be running various games of Warhammer 40,000: Rouge Trader. These games will take place on the Hive World of Flotis III. The Imperial Governor of Flotis III has been much bothered of late by an anti-Imperial splinter group that has risen to prominence

in the old Flotis III Hive Capital of Al-Be-An. The oldest and most long-established Hive on Flotis III Al-
Be-An has become a faded power in the last hundred years and most political and economic growth has moved to the central hive cluster of Ur-Opa. All off world trade must now be carried through Ur-Opa as they seek to pay increased Imperial Tithes. Proud of their past glories and jealous of Ur-Opa’s prominence the Nobles of Al-be-An have been plotting how to “take back control”. The newly elected leader of the Al-Be-An Nobles Bo De Pfeffel Jo VIII has amassed support in the form of various disparate Anti-Imperial groups and all out Civil War is about to break out on Flotis III.

We will have pre-generated armies for the following forces available for any players that wish: Genestealer Cult, Chaos Renegades, Imperial Guard (No Astra Millitarum here!) and maybe a few others depending on what old 80’s tat we can find in our collective attics. Any participants should feel free to bring along your own Rouge Trader Forces and join in. All the armies we will be using have been built to a 1,000 point limit so go on, dig out those old beaky Marines, bring forth your Chaos Gretchin, Zoats and amaze us with your teeny tiny Bloodthirsters!

Sunday: 3rd/4th Edition Warhammer 40,000 All Day
Day two will see us move on in the evolution of 40k while neatly sidestepping the hot mess that was 2nd Edition! The Big Black Book as it was known was a massive step forward in the development of the game of 40k. Things got less colourful, more Grim Dark TM and a whole lot less red than they had been before.

We will be running a linked series of games using 3rd Edition and again we will have a mix of forces available for anyone that wants to jump in. Saturday’s games are set on the Imperial Hive World of Necromunda (Full disclosure we made a hive city terrain board so its going to get used every day!) We will be kicking this morning of games off with some linked games of “40k in 40 minutes” and the old edition of “Killteam”. We will have various forces of Imperial Guard (Necromundan 8th, “The Spiders”), Genestealer Cults, Inquisition and Necromundan Gangers all competing in small games leading up to a full-sized game later in the day.

Again, same brief as before we will have various armies available but if you have your own force from this edition (even Necrons and Tau!) bring them along and join in. the old 40k in 40 minutes and Killteam rules are available online.

**Note.. this may all change during the weekend, whaddya expect it’s something Vinny, Cian and Aidan have been working on!**
**Bring figures, will play**