Opening Hours

As we are online this year, you will find the Discord server available all weekend. Official events will be hosted during the following windows:
Friday 6pm – 1am
Saturday 10am – 1am
Sunday 10am – 1am
Monday 10am – 5pm

The convention will run from 22nd to 25th of October.

Contact Us

Contact us at gaelcon@gaelcon.com.

Or you can message us on our facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/GaelconIRL/

While the convention is running online you can contact us on the #helpdesk channel on the Gaelcon Discord server.


Gaelcon 2021 : ‘Through the Matrix’

Following the success of Gaelcon 2020 and the ongoing situation with the pandemic, we have decided to run Gaelcon 2021 online as a virtual convention.  Please check out our blog for further details on how we made this decision.  We didn’t undertake it lightly, as you can imagine.  Safety is still first and foremost in our minds.  

We know last years convention wasn’t perfect but we have taken note of all the feedback and have tried to implement as much of it as we can to make this year even better than before.  The core of the convention will be run on the convention Discord server with some events using Zoom and Roll20.  For further information please check out our Events Timetable.

If any of you want to help us bring this year’s event together, please email the committee at info@gaelcon.com


Here you can find links to the details of our: