Magic :TG

Schedule: Saturday 24th of October
Assembly and final registrations at 11 O’Clock.
Tournament starts at 12 O’Clock.
Welcome one and all to Gaelcons MTG tournament.

This year we have a Zendikar Rising Standard best-of-three Swiss tournament. There is no separate fee to join the tournament, nor is there a prize (yet), although we still haven’t given up on arranging some prizes.

So, if you are interested, please come and join us in a bank holiday gaming galore, for only 5€ you get to enjoy not only this tournament, but also all other games and special events that is being offered at Gaelcon.

How does it work?
First make sure you have a Discord user name.
Then you can buy a Gaelcon ticket from here. You also need to provide us with your Discord username, so we can grant you access to Gaelcon. After this, please register your entry to the Saturday MTG tournament here.

The external link can be found at the following