What to expect at Gaelcon

What’s on at Gaelcon


Gaelcon always has a lot to offer, a veritable smorgasbord of tabletop gaming things to do, but if you haven’t been before, here’s a few tasters!


Roleplaying Games!

Gaelcon hosts slots of games from Friday evening to Monday Afternoon, It’s usually 12 slots, which is roughly 36 Hours of dice rolling, foe slaying, Mystery solving action. Every year we get games from writers around the gaming community and from companies, so there’s a lot of different styles, systems and ways to play on offer.

Live Action Role Play!

Larps are a key part of the con, and at Gaelcon every year we run a number of Parlour Larps at the con, submitted to us by great writers who love telling great character driven stories that are fuelled by immense amounts of betrayal. (Probably? I always betray people in Larps at least)

Hey, you’re thinking you might want submit a game? Sounds Good! Just follow this link and you can send something to our RPG/LARP team



Every year Gaelcon has a number of different wargames happening, including large Warhammer 40k Tournaments, Battletech, and a variety of specialist games. If you’ve got ideas of games you could only play at a con that you might want to run, like for example, a giant necromunda game that turns into a tyranid invasion over two days, (Which was an extremely cool game to watch at Gaelcon 2019) why not shoot our con director an email at Director@Gaelcon.com 



Gaelcon is home to all types of tabletop gaming or at least as many as we can fit in the venue and the timetable, which thankfully includes even the biggest boardgames like Twilight Imperium (but not Campaign for North Africa, we only have 4 days) We’ll have a library of boardgames that can be rented over the course of the convention and are planning some demo’s of games as well. If you’d like to demo at the convention, shoot our team an email at Outreach@gaelcon.com 



Gaelcon loves our trade hall, because that’s where we can get loads of stuff. While we haven’t finalised our list of vendors, but previously we’ve had great local companies like ReRoll Games, and bigger international companies like Cubicle 7 in our hall. If you want to trade at Gaelcon, it might be worth asking our handsome and talented outreach officer at Outreach@gaelcon.com 


Special Events!

Gaelcon hosts some great special events, such as our pub quiz, and some all weekend events, but the real stand out is our Charity Auction. Every year generous gamers give thousands of euro to support charity and get some incredibly cool things from the auction.

This years charity partner is BeLonGTo 


Gaelcon will have lots more going on, and we’ll announce things on our socials as they get made official, so keep an eye on the site and socials and we can’t wait to see you at the con.